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Best Joomla Page builder to create stunning Joomla sites based on pre-made content blocks and powerful tool to customize everything your ways.

Why JA Joomla Page Builder

Stunning tool to build Joomla! site in minutes.

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Inline Edit

Change any text you want inline and make it look good with editor format options.

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Edit blocks

Configure each block based on pre-defined parameters

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Interact with all Joomla pages

JA Builder supports all Joomla pages and ability to configure layout in Joomla ways.

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Video overlay support

You can easily combine any components in a variety of design projects. It’s easy!

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Icons Support

There are a lot of different blocks that will help you to make a perfect project.

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Responsive config

Use your time for generating new ideas for your startup. Take a break from the routine.

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Work with all template & framework

The Joomla page builder works properly with all frameworks and templates.

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Compatible with 3rd extensions

Fully compatible with all 3rd extensions: Easysocial, Easyblog, K2, Easydiscuss, Virtuemart, etc.

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Image Replacement

Change image for any block by replacing url or upload new image


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