JA Methys

Fashion Magazine Joomla Template

Available for Joomla 3

JA Methys Introduction

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  • Updated on:17 Aug, 2015
  • Version:2.5.7
  • Download:498,189
  • (4 / 287 votes)

JA Methys is Fashion Magazine Joomla Template suitable for fashion magazines, ecommerce and news site. Its hot and bold, can be used for many purposes, limited only by one's imagination. Wide slideshow and bright colors are blended in well with the design. Go ahead and treat your eyes.

Powered by robust T3 Framework 2, it comes bundled with 10 complimentary extensions.

  • K2


Version 2.5.7 17 Aug, 2015

Bug Fix
  • Edit module: Social menu module is missing style
  • Missing icon Print & Email
  • Input box of subject is too long is Contact page
  • Edit modul: JA News Ticker Module is cutting form

Version 2.5.6 24 Jul, 2013

  • Upgrade to compatible with Joomla 3.1
Bug Fix
  • Restyle for edit button of K2 article
  • Make edit button to the same icon
  • CSS error in Contact page
  • CSS error in Message error

Version 2.5.5 20 Mar, 2013

Bug Fix
  • [J30] Menus does not work when access the Contact page
  • [J30] error in the typo page
  • [J30] Cannot open tabs in the contact form

Version 2.5.4 24 Jan, 2013

New Feature
  • Support K2 Component
Bug Fix
  • [K2] Enable CAPTCHA in K2 comment form
  • Use interal link for menu: Module Position (?tp=1)
  • Color error in K2 Blog/Tag page
  • [Comment module] more space between Number of vote and vote number
  • [J25] Add some tags for items in the first page of User page (Blog menu)
  • Missing Search module in position header
  • The link of Documentation menu is not correct
  • Content in About K2 page is not nice
  • [Bulletin] Readmore link and bullet should be in the same color
  • [J25] the Mega Menu is not nice
  • The font-size of Subcategories block should be smaller
  • [Iphone] Missing bullets on contact page
  • Error with Content slider module when moving
  • [Slideshow]Dim background is skewed
  • [Bulletin] Article link should be realign when there's not any image in that
  • [K2] Error with menu
  • [K2] Error with item's price
  • Css error in Category layout page
  • [Twitter] Css error when show the follow button
  • 3 Columns menu is not 3 columns layout
  • [K2] separate boxes in K2 comment form

Version 2.5.3 17 Nov, 2012

  • Upgrade to Joomla 2.5.8
Bug Fix
  • Css error on Comment form

Version 2.5.2 21 Sep, 2012

  • upgrade to joomla 2.5.7
Bug Fix
  • [Block/ Header] Error when change Error Reporting

Version 2.5.1 20 Jun, 2012

New Feature
  • Upgrade to Joomla 2.5.6
Bug Fix
  • Still not validate css
  • Missing many images in contentslider module

Version 2.5.0 10 Feb, 2012

  • Upgrade to joomla 2.5.2
Bug Fix
  • [Slideshow] Save button doesnt work
  • Got many error when valiate Css
  • Got error in mega menu
  • Update content on menu
  • [Popup] Multibox type: content color isnt applied on frontend
  • [2.5] Error content on category page
  • [Contentslider] auto run not work after click on slide button
  • [Social plugin] cant show google plus button on list page
  • [JA Slideshow]Got js error when choose "Mouse over image"
  • [2.5][Article]-Image cant displayed after insert
  • [Popup] Dim Background doesnt work property when select Popup type is Greybox and Thickbox
  • Buttons on Email form are hidden
  • [Comment] Should auto realign after hide avatar
  • [Extra field plugin] cant show addition info on list page
  • RTL_Css error on register page
  • [2.5] Cant show recaptcha on contact page
  • [JA Popup Plugin] Cannot change overlay color for thickbox type
  • [Iphone] Css error on home page
  • [Bulletin] Cant show full image height
  • [DB] Duplicate System ja comment in the database
  • RTL_Css eror on bulletin

Version 1.2.2 04 Jan, 2012

  • Adding secure code
  • Convert to new folder structure
Bug Fix
  • Methys QS package contains the wrong file for the SlideShow.

Version 1.2.1 10 Dec, 2011

Bug Fix
  • RTL: Error direction of arrows in right modules
  • [bulletin] change settings in module A, shouldnt apply it for module B
  • User Commen panel: Can not go directly to comment when comment includes image
  • [JA ContentSlider] Driven button don't work when select mode is "Vertical"
  • [IPhone-Home page] CSS error after someone liked article
  • [IE7-JA comment] Show menu is empty after click on "Edit" comment
  • RTL: Css error in Hide/Quote button
  • RTL: Css error in mega menu
  • Css error on latest comment module
  • [JA Slideshow] Description always show althoug setting only show when "Image Animated"
  • [IE7] CSS error in Contact layout page
  • [IPhone] CSS error in Contact layout page
  • [RTL-IE8&9] CSS error in Popular product panel
  • RTL: Error in backgrond lable of contact form
  • [bulletin] cant show author on module
  • [IE7] CSS error in Tab Plugin panel
  • [JA comment] CSS error in Attachment form
  • [IE7-JA Slideshow] CSS error when select Navigation show is "number"
  • [RTL-IE7] CSS error in JA comment
  • RTL: Show/Hide reply or quote comment is not working
  • RTL: Image not found in Template manager page
  • Translate problem with jacomment on methys template
  • Missing image in home page
  • CSS error in View Profile form
  • [JA Twinter module] CSS error when show Twinter button
  • [IPhone-JA comment] CSS error after unapprove a comment
  • [RTL] CSS error in Contact layout page
  • RTL: Css error in Css menu
  • RTL: Error in typo page
  • JA Comment: Error scroll bar in comment textbox
  • [JA comment] Don't show attach file icon
  • [JA comment] CSS error in Edit comment form
  • [RTL] CSS error in View Articel detail
  • RTL: Css error in header of Commen
  • RTL: Css error in User comment module
  • J17:RTL_ Css error in comment footer
  • [newsticker] Missing next button image when show control button on module
  • CSS error in Edit your profile
  • [JA Sidenew] CSS error with date when show image
  • [IPhone-View article detail] Date and article's author isn't displayed full
  • [RTL-IE7] Don't show tabs in Contact Layout page
  • RTL: Mega menu is not working when enable Turbo on
  • Missing bullets on contact page
  • Register form: Set align for textboxes
  • [JA comment] Should disable text when focus on textbox
  • [JA comment] CSS error in Navigation page when there are more a page
  • [Iphone] CSS error in The new page
  • [RTL-IE8&9] Lose border of some images in Home page