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JA Fubix Introduction

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  • Updated on:27 Dec, 2018
  • Version:1.1.5
  • Download:498,629
  • (3.6 / 327 votes)

JA Fubix is responsive Sports News Joomla Template for Joomla 3. It runs on our brand new version of T3 Framework with tons of backend customization config options.

JA Fubix showcases our latest JA Soccerway module and many bonus pages including a cool countdown module. JA Fubix also sports K2 component support. It would not take much time for anyone to customize JA Fubix to suit their other sports news requirements, all one needs are good images. Do check each and every page of the demo site, Fubix is more than just a template.

JA Fubix is built on the robust T3 Framework - The Responsive Joomla framework for Joomla 2.5 & Joomla 3. This template now supports RTL CSS style.

Responsive sports news template

Built on the robust T3 Framework, JA Fubix supports responsive layout at core and ready to show off your news site beautifully on mobile devices and tablets.

Support RTL

As a bonus for RTLers, JA Fubix is well equipped with RTL language layout and ready to rock it out.

First template used JA Soccerway module

The brand new extension is developed for this particular template only, The extension aims to broadcast lively the updated scores for all the matches available on Soccerway.com.

12 bonus pages

There are up to 12 bonus pages included in this template, including offline page, 404, contact us, smart searches, and many more.

4 color themes

Choose the color you want from the 4 color schemes supported in JA Fubix.

Complete site with K2 content

JA Fubix also supports K2 component, which spices things up a bit from the old boring traditional default Joomla content.

Support Mega Menu

Give your news site an impressive look with Mega Menu supported in JA Fubix. Showing off all the categories in a better organized multi-column menu.

Off-canvas menu on Mobile

In order to make it easier for your viewers to navigate your site on mobile devices and tablets, JA Fubix features off-canvas menu.

  • K2


Version 1.1.5 27 Dec, 2018

Bug Fix
  • J3.9: Term and Privacy are not styled
  • J3.9 - Article category module: Got some errors
  • J3.9 - Invisible captcha: Remove captcha label
  • J3.9 - Category List page: Can't filter by Tags/Month(published)
  • J3.9-Contact us: Can't open Privacy note

Version 1.1.4 19 Jan, 2018

  • Upgrade Joomla 3.8, K2 2.8
Bug Fix
  • Edit User form Page lead to Error Page
  • Iphone landscape: CSS error on Count down page
  • Get error on K2 User Page
  • Register Page lead to Blank Page
  • Iphone landscape: CSS error on Smart Search
  • Get error on K2 Category Page
  • CSS error on Search field
  • Get error on K2 Article Page
  • Style of K2 Edit Page look not nice

Version 1.1.3 11 Jul, 2017

Bug Fix
  • Css error on Article detail
  • Can't show custom field in Contact page
  • K2: Css error on K2 module
  • JA Countdown module is missing style
  • Can't show custom field in category
  • Some errors on Editor
  • CSS Errors
  • 'Back to top' button does not work

Version 1.1.2 09 Jul, 2015

Bug Fix
  • [Fubix/ Fubix RTL] " Premier League" module is wrong style when user howver on " on/ off" form
  • [Fubix RTL] " Featured Gallery" module is overlap
  • [Fubix/ Fubix RTL] " K2 Soccer Headlines" module is wrong language
  • [Fubix/ Fubix RTL] "Score Eng" module is missing style
  • [Fubix/ Fubix RTL] " K2 User" module is wrong language
  • [Fubix/ Fubix RTL] " JA Countdown" module is missing style
  • [Fubix RTL] [All page] missing style of " ()" character
  • [Fubix/ Fubix RTL] " K2 Archive" module is wrong language
  • [Fubix/ Fubix RTL] " Newsletter" module is wrong style
  • [Fubix RTL] "JA Slideshow" module is wrong position with images
  • [Fubix/ Fubix RTL] " K2 Fubix Users" module is missing style for select form

Version 1.1.1 31 Oct, 2014

Bug Fix
  • Home page displays error on thememagic
  • [RTL-ipad] Empty content on the detail aritcle when view on ipad portrait
  • Missing readmore icon when hover
  • Cant change position of article info on category page
  • Wrong icon readmore color when using orange color
  • [Ipad] Title on K2 user page displays ugly on ipad portrait
  • [RTL] Countdown page displays ugly on ipad portrait
  • [Ipad] Video on K2 demo displays error on ipad
  • [RTL] La liga page displays error on ipad

Version 1.1.0 04 Jul, 2014

Bug Fix
  • Can't show small logo on small screen
  • IE8: Avatars error on K2 Fubix Users module
  • Latest from user module displays error on ipad portrait
  • IE8: Can't load intro images on Tags page
  • Css error when click on dropdown toggle icon
  • RTL - Close icon displays error on content popup
  • [FORUMPID:421635] i want to stop responsive layout
  • IE8: Layout broken on K2 User page
  • [Ipad] K2 Video displays error on ipad
  • IE8: Some error on Home page
  • Cant display video thumbnail image on JA content popup
  • [Iphone] Duplicate separate line on interview page
  • IE8: Layout broken on K2 Hot News page
  • Video page displays error
  • Some errors on Editor form
  • Color: Readmore icon is not change color when hover
  • Language switcher icon displays error on iphone
  • IE8: Css error on K2 User module
  • Smartsearch button displays error

Version 1.0.6 28 Feb, 2014

Bug Fix
  • [Module Breadcrumbs]_icon don't show although Show "You are here" option is off
  • [iPhonePortrait_Laliga]_Some buttons should be re-styled position
  • Heading menu displays ugly after upgrade T3 v2.1.0
  • [iPhonePortrait_Laliga]_Email form should be re-styled
  • [Other-User Page]_Pagination should be focused on current page
  • [RTL-Home Page]_The 404 error occurs when click to open any articles
  • [iPhonePortrait_Bonus Page]_Should be added a little gap between buttons

Version 1.0.5 20 Jan, 2014

Bug Fix
  • Missing border on all categories page
  • JA Content Popup doesn't show popup
  • Cant show secret key on login page
  • Mega menu displays error when open K2 demo menu
  • [Slideshow] Cant show readmore link on the module
  • [RTL] Error language on 404 page
  • [Ipad] Missing border line on column
  • [JaFubix]_Font size is automatically changed when after Module title has been changed
  • [Thememagic] cant reload theme settings after select another theme
  • Error on breadcrumb
  • Video on laliga position displays ugly on video page
  • [Iphone] Smartsearch button displays ugly on iphone
  • [RTL-Ipad] Header displays error on ipad
  • Submenu should be under the parent menu
  • [RTL] Readmore link displays error on latest item
  • [RTL-Ipad] Some minor errors on k2 item page
  • Should add more line spacing on interview module when show more than 1 article
  • Search button is missing color after search any keywod
  • [Ipad] Footer displays errorr on ipad
  • [JA Slideshow] Video doesnt work on slideshow position
  • [RTL] Contact layout is broken on Iphone/Ipad

Version 1.0.4 23 Nov, 2013

Bug Fix
  • [JaFubix_Laliga]_Should be added a littler gap between texts, image and margin. By the way Space is too redundant, should be smaller
  • [JaFubix-T3_Theme]_Slogan should be re-styled
  • [RTL-JaFubix_Menu]_Layout broken when after sub-menu has been clicked.
  • [JaFubix_Footer]_Should be added a littler gap between textx and logo T3
  • [JaFubix-JaSlideshow]_Ja Slideshow position don't show
  • Restyle message on offline page
  • [JaFubix_Home]_Dot should be added at the beginning of the name's menu item
  • [JaFubix-UserPage]_Prompt should be smaller
  • [RTL-JaFubix_Laliga]_Should be added some gap in this page
  • [JaFubix-Others]_Should remove redundant space on Tabs-title top
  • [JaFubix-T3_Theme]_Nothing display when user select logo image
  • Cant disable remember checkbox on offline page when disable remember plugin
  • [JaFubix_K2Demo]_Button Close does not work on Edit item form
  • [RTL-jaFubix_Menu]_Should be added a littler space between two tabs on Menu others
  • [JaFubix_Laliga]_Article-title should be smaller
  • [JaFubix-T3_ThemeMagic]_Color's Theme is automatically changed.
  • [Offline] Show Offline image only if it exists
  • [JaFubix-UserPage]_Lacking all videos and related texts don't show also.
  • [RTL-jaFubix]_Texts are overlapping icons

Version 1.0.3 06 Aug, 2013

  • Upgrade Joomla, K2, Acymailing to latest version
  • Update T3 logo & Footer module