JA Soccerway Module

Embed Soccerway matches scores on your site

Available for Joomla 3

JA Soccerway Module Introduction

Quick Info

  • Updated on:04 Jul, 2014
  • Version:1.0.4 Changelog
  • Download:22,306
  • (3.8 / 251 votes)

JA Soccerway module is used to mmbed Soccerway content on your site. The variety of content types from Soccerway will allow you to have interesting content displayed in your site. The displaying of content is highly configuration based on the powerful admin panel of the module.

The module is firstly used in JA Fubix - Joomla! sports news template.

  • Support multiple Widget types: Competition, Team or News
  • Almost competions, teams and news in the world are available for embed
  • Widget size is configurable
  • Multiple content types supported based on selected Widget type
  • Color settings for elements in front-page
  • Font settings for main content, title and tabs

Support multiple Widget types

Up to 3 Widget types supported: Competition, Team and News. Each widget type has different settings and different content displayed as well.

Huge content to embed

You will never complain about the variety of content supported, almost competions, teams and news in the world are available for you to embed to your site.

Widget size is configurable

This feature is to make sure the widget will fit the position it is assigned to display in. The width and hieght size are both configurable.

Variety of content types for each Widget type

Based on selected Widget type, the corresponding content types will be available for you to configure, you can show/hide "Matches won", "Matches Played" ... Almost content can be configured to be displayed or not.

Color settings for content displayed in front-page

These settings are really helpful if you want the module have a different outlook, you can change the color for background, main content, button, shadow, tabs, title ...

Font settings

Font settings are available for main content, title and tabs. Each of those elements can have different font settings. Font settings include: font family, font size, font style and Text transform.