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  • Updated on:08 Oct, 2020
  • Version:1.1.8
  • Download:309,862
  • (4.4 / 251 votes)

JA Argo is responsive News Magazine Joomla Template for Joomla 3. It runs on our brand new T3 Framework with tons of back-end customization config options.

JA Argo showcases the latest trends of UI/UX we see around us, if you are fan of thenextweb.com , readwrite.com , mashable.com or designmodo.com then you know where JA Argo stands - easy to setup, will always look great no matter which OS or smartphone and nothing traditional about it. JA Argo comes with infinity scroll (auto load items when scroll down) and also supports multiple layouts for article category module (check userguide for morre info). It would not take much time for anyone to customize the JA Argo to suit their requirements, all one needs are good images. Make sure to check each and every page of the demo site.

JA Argo is built on the robust T3 Framework - Responsive framework for Joomla 3. This template now supports RTL CSS style.

Showcases the latest trends of UI/UX

JA Argo is inspired from the latest Flat Design trend, which has been widely adopted by the Joomla community. It's where your content can truly shine through the fancy designs and typo.

Fully responsive Joomla template

Built on the latest version of T3 Framework makes JA Argo responsive at core. Not only look good on the wide screen resolution, but also stay stunning on mobile and tablet devices.

Support Right To Left Language (RTL)

Thanks to the T3 Framework, JA Argo is RTL language layout ready to rock it out, a bonus to RTL lovers.

Infinity Scrolling

Reading news with unlimited content is now made possible with infinite scrolling. Now it is putting YOU in charge for the irresistable contents.

Sticky Sidebars & Menu

Navigating through the news page can be a pain, with the Sticky Menu and Sidebars, navigation problem is solved.

Support Megamenu

JA Argo does support Megamenu. Again, for any news and magazine Joomla site out there, Navigation is the key.

5 color themes supported by default

You can choose up to 5 color schemes for your JA Argo and sure to find one that fits you best.

Up to 9 bonus pages

Enjoy the 9 bonus pages. Be sure to be blown away from these goodies. They are just absolutely stunning.

Off-canvas Menu on Mobile

Not just easy to navigate on the wide screen, JA Argo is the very first Joomla template featuring Off Canvas menu. Making everything easier for mobile/tablet users.

Loop Banners

Assure your banner to be widely seen and broadcasted to everyone.

  • K2


Version 1.1.8 08 Oct, 2020

Bug Fix
  • Update style for Acymailing 6.15.1

Version 1.1.7 05 Jun, 2019

Bug Fix
  • Social icon overalp on menu

Version 1.1.6 21 Dec, 2018

Bug Fix
  • Cant load privacy content on popup on contact page
  • Got some errors on contact page
  • Cant show user profile on contact page
  • Privacy link displays error on registration page and user profile page
  • [3.9] Cant show tag select box and new button on category list page

Version 1.1.5 05 Jan, 2018

Bug Fix
  • Iphone: Title fontsize should be smaller
  • Can't skip component content
  • Tooltip displays wrong position on Contact Us page

Version 1.1.4 23 Jun, 2017

Bug Fix
  • Contact page is not styled with Tab/Slider formats
  • Custom field on Article is displayed wrong position
  • K2: missing heading on report comment form
  • Can't show custom field on category
  • RTL - k2: Featured label and tiitle are overlapping
  • Can't show custom field on contact page
  • Some errors on Editor
  • K2: Some css errors on Comment form
  • Comment count displayed not nice

Version 1.1.3 10 Oct, 2016

Bug Fix
  • Home page displays error on iphone when scroll down
  • Css error on topmenu when view on ipad landscape
  • Home page displays ugly on iphone
  • Got css error on k2 module editting
  • Menu is cropped when scroll up and down on ipad
  • Missing icon font on the site
  • Css error on smartsearch page

Version 1.1.2 03 Apr, 2015

Bug Fix
  • [Agro/ Agro TRL of joomla3.4] "Social ( Subcat ) " module is missing line
  • [Agro/ Agro TRL of joomla3.4] "Newsletter" Module is need remove trash form
  • [Agro / Agro TRL of joomla3.4] "K2 iOS (subcat)" module is missing style
  • [Agro/ Agro TRL of joomla3.4] Select form is not working
  • [ Agro TRL of joomla3.4] K2 page
  • [Agro / Agro TRL of joomla3.4] "K2 Calendar" module is cutting text
  • [Theme] Sologan is not work
  • [Agro TRL of joomla3.4] K2 CALENDAR module is not Ar language
  • [Agro/ Agro TRL of joomla3.4] "Follow me" module is wrong style

Version 1.1.1 14 Nov, 2014

Bug Fix
  • [3x] Css error on edit article page
  • Cant type something in login module
  • [Agro/ Agro TRL of joomla3.4] [Iphone 4] Captcha form is overlap
  • Footer module in sidebar-2 position is not sticky in iPad view
  • Update font awesome

Version 1.1.0 14 Aug, 2014

Bug Fix
  • Should remove scrollbar on edit article on the frontend
  • Cant show recaptcha on forgot username and password
  • Missing image on K2 category page
  • Realign fields on login page when enable secret key
  • Cant show submenu when hover
  • Duplicate line on the end k2 category page
  • Language switcher icons display error on IE8
  • Article info displays error on home page
  • Logo displays error on home page
  • Cant display small logo on small screen
  • [Ipad] sidebar is overlapped on ipad portrait

Version 1.0.6 11 Mar, 2014

Bug Fix
  • [Login] Restyle for login form on IE
  • [Smart search] Need more space in the middle of boxs
  • Restyle for login form
  • [iPhone_/iPad_portrait][Contact us] Enable recaptchar plugin, contact form break on device
  • [iPhone_][Smart search] Restyle for textbox and button
  • Got js error when open home page
  • Login form dropdown error on IE8
  • [Smart search] Remove dots redanduncy