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Hallo all JA members, Just want to let all know that JA contest running on has been extended by one more week and is available for entry submission till 2/Aug/2010.

Why it is extended?

The contest has been running on for 2 weeks now and Guess what, we have received 100 entries till today. However, it looks like we have NOT received any design from JA members so it might have been ignored by many talents amongst our 200,000 members. Thus, we have decided to extend it by one more week so that you can take time to put efforts and have the chance to win the cash. The prize is increased! As a plus, the winner will be awarded with a free 1 year - JA Developer Membership (cost of $499) along with the original prize of$2500. Hurry, entry acceptance closes by 2/Aug...

We just launched our Design Competition at The plan is to choose the best of the designs and present to our members as Bonus Template. So, designers stand to win $ 2500 for the best design and all of our members are sure to get the bonus template. So everyone, is a winner here :)

Go on and read the brief about the whole design requirement [update : the contest is closed]

Good news for our Magento Theme Club Members, JM Galaxite supports the latest Magento Version (which offer native support for Iphone/mobile) JM Galaxite (June magento Theme) works great in Iphone & handheld mobile devices. Soon, this option will be available to all of our 16 Magento Themes too.

  • Supports Iphone/ IPad and mobile devices.
  • Faster loading, doesnot load the slideshow or product slider
  • Soon the feature would be available in older themes also

JM Galaxite theme style for Iphone, check the screenshots below :

In John Brett words. John Brett is our Forum Super Moderator and attended this function

You just had to know Joomla Day New England was going to be quite different!  And JoomlArt just had to be a part! 

But when I packed my bags and headed out on the 11 hour,  700+ kilometers drive due north of Washington, D.C....past Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston...into the tranquil hills and tiny villages of southern Vermont...little did I realize the welcome I would receive.  (see picture)

I know!...but hang in there.  It actually all makes sense!

We love Joomla!Great event, great conference, great friends & great Joomla! JandBeyond 2010 - It was so amazing! And having had a chance to be there as both an attendee and speaker, presenting the JoomlArt JA T3 Framework, I have to say it is one of the best conferences I have ever been to. Not only is it an "academic" conference where people can share knowledge & experience, but it is also a fun & community spirit building event.

Good news for JA members joining us at J & Beyond (JAB), 2010 at Germany. We are Gold Sponsor for the J & Beyond Event. I Would be speaking about the new T3 V2 Framework and Hope to see many of JA members at JAB. It would be great opportunity for me to interact with members face to face for the Presentation on T3 V2 framework at the venue.  JoomlArt members can collect their T-Shirts from the Display Stall at JAB and dont forget to vote for our JA Purity II and JA Sulfur as best commercial & free templates at J-Oscars.

As a steady step in our 2010 community support program, JoomlArt is glad to become official gold sponsor for J! and Beyond, Germany this year, a Joomla! conference with international reach.

As partner for this event and supporter for Open Source community, we are honored to announce a 35% off coupon for all participants of the J and Beyond conference and community voting process. 35% OFF for all JA products and services
Coupon code: JandBeyond

Valid from today till the opening days of the event, please use the same email used for signup at J & beyond Site.
Applicable to: all members of the site J and beyond 2010 or commit to attend the event. We are really excited to meet all JoomlArt members and Joomla lovers in the event. PS. Do not forget to pass by JoomlArt's booth at the Germany event's venue to enjoy more Joomlart's amazing giveaways.

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