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Joomla Products Updates & Version release info

This week, we are releasing updates for 7 more Joomla templates for Joomla 3.9. This is 3rd release batch for Joomla 3.9, totally, 30+ templates updated.

  1. JA Resume
  2. Ja Elicyon
  3. JA Playstore
  4. Ja Mono
  5. JA Magz II
  6. Purity III
  7. JA Vintas

Please check release details below:

7 Joomla templates updated for Joomla 3.9

7 Joomla templates updated for Joomla 3.9

JA Resume

Responsive Joomla Template for Resume & Portfolio

Portfolio Joomla template - JA Resume

JA Resume is responsive Portfolio Joomla template for Resume with 6 home page layouts for Developer, Blogger, Singer, Photographer, etc, social feed layout to build your wall page in Isotope layout, blogs and all default Joomla template. The template supports EasyBlog with 2 custom themes and 2 layouts. JA Resume is built with robust T3 Framework and new web technologies, it is fully responsive based on Bootstrap 3 grid system.

JA Resume Version 1.0.7 Changelog:

  • J3.9-Invisible Recaptcha: Remove captcha label
  • J3.9: Can't show Term and Privacy option
  • Article popup displays error on Editor
  • Can't show the Tag option in the Article-category module

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JA Elicyon

eCommerce Joomla Template for Interior Design decor

Interior Design Joomla template - JA Elicyon

JA Elicyon is a responsive Interior Design Joomla template suitable for interior design, decor, online furniture store, creative architecture studio. It is a modern solution for building online e-commerce shop with Joomla 3. Elicyon incorporates Joomla eCommerce solution VirtueMart, email extension Acymailing and JA Advanced Custom Module (ACM).

JA Elicyon - Version 1.0.5 changelog:

  • J3.9: Can't show Term and Privacy
  • J3.9 - Invisible Captcha: Remove Captcha label
  • Aricle popup displays error on Editor
  • Need have the background color on message

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JA Playstore

Gaming Joomla template

Gaming Joomla template - JA Playstore

This versatile Joomla 3 template for Game Shop is a 2016 solution for your online shop and community. JA PlayStore supports VirtueMart free Joomla eCommerce solution, Kunena - Joomla forum component. With the combination of VirtueMart and Kunena, PlayStore will foster a superb environment for both your fans and customers with an online store and forum.

JA Playstore - Version 1.0.9 changelog:

  • Missing search and clear button on tag page
  • J3.9: Menu Assignment displays error on Module setting
  • J3.9: Term and Privacy need more styled
  • J3.9 - Invisible Captcha: Remove Captcha label
  • J3.9: Got Some error on Menu manager
  • J3.9: Category List page need more styled
  • Got some CSS errors on Editor
  • RTL: Problem with Video page

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JA Mono

 Responsive Joomla template for Creative Business

Business Joomla template - JA Mono

JoomlArt would like to present JA Mono - the responsive Joomla template for creative business. JA Mono is based on Unusual layout concept with monochromatic style. This is not your traditional website and Mono is dedicated for creative business, designers and startups. JA Mono is unusual because it makes great use of large-screen estate. On big devices (bigger than 1400px), the layout is split into two main blocks, when users surf through the content with builtin navigation, new content will be displayed with smooth slide-in animation. On smaller screens, it's a clean and simple design, with clever typography, big images and a lot of white spaces.

JA Mono - Version 1.0.8 changelog:

  • Privacy plugin displays error on registration page
  • Privacy confirm displays error on contact page
  • Need remove captcha text on register page, forgot username page
  • Cant show privacy content on popup
  • Got css error on archived article page

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JA Magz II

news and magazine Joomla template

Magazine Joomla template - JA Magz II

JA Magz II is the successor of our most favorite Joomla responsive template for news and magazine sites, JA Magz. It's a clean and simple design, with highlights of typography for news and magazine readers. Magz II is responsive and displayed well on any device from mobile to PC. JoomlArt builds JA Magz II with pure Joomla spirit, we believe with proper design and the powerful core of Joomla, we can create a beautiful yet effective responsive template for magazine and news portal. So here it is, our ultimate bet on the best Joomla template for news and magazine site.

JA Magz II - Version 1.0.8 changelog:

  • [3.9] Missing privacy link on register and user profile page
  • [3.9] Got css error on contact page
  • [3.9] Cant load privacy content on popup

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JA Purity III

free Joomla template

Free Joomla template - Purity III

Purity III is the best responsive Joomla template that you won't get enough of for almost everything: from a simple to complex Joomla projects, personal blog to professional business portfolio site, or just about any Joomla projects you have in mind. Built on the robust T3 Framework, Purity III is fully responsive, supports Bootstrap 3 at core, highly compatible with most of the 3rd party Joomla extensions in the community, easily customize with ThemeMagic or Layout Configuration, support multiple layouts and stunning typography pages.

Purity III - Version 1.2.4 changelog:

  • J3.9: Term and Privacy need more styled
  • J3.9: Missing Tag option on Article-Category module
  • J3.9: Can't show "Show Intro/Full Image" parameter on the Article-Newsflash module
  • Jomsocial: Scrollbar and Emoticon are overlapping
  • Jomsocial: The date displays error when posting the poll
  • Adding Back to top - language string
  • Upgrade Jomsocial & EasyBlog components

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Ecommerce Joomla template

Ecommerce Joomla template - JA Vintas

JA Vintas is ecommerce Joomla template featuring Virtuemart. Vintas supports Virtuemart component for the shopping cart and comes with great K2 styles, not to mention the bonus pages. Elegant clean template in 4 colors with great layout. Do check out the blog style and k2 styles. The template can be easily used for blog and personal purpose. Virtuemart has come up great and we loved styling it for this template.

JA Vintas - Version 1.0.7 changelog:

  • Some CSS error on Edit article page
  • Can't show secret key on login form
  • Can't show Search and Clean button on tag page
  • J3.9 - Invisible Captcha: Remove Captcha label
  • J3.9: Category List page need more styled
  • J3.9: Got error page when load module id in the article

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