JA Vintas

Ecommerce Joomla Template

Available for Joomla 3

JA Vintas Introduction

Quick Info

  • Updated on:29 Nov, 2018
  • Version:1.0.7
  • Download:968,917
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JA Vintas is ecommerce Joomla template featuring Virtuemart. Vintas supports Virtuemart component for the shopping cart and comes with great K2 styles, not to mention the bonus pages.

Elegant clean template in 4 colors with great layout. Do check out the blog style and k2 styles. The template can be easily used for blog and personal purpose. Virtuemart has come up great and we loved styling it for this template.

Built upon JA's robust JAT3 2 Framework JA Vintas works well and fits well on all the web enabled devices and mobile browsers.

Support Virtuemart

JA Vintas is an eCommerce Joomla template with the support of Virtuemart component. Your Joomla site can either run with Virtuemart to transform into an online Joomla site store, or switch it off and embrace the retro style of JA Vintas.

4 Menu styles

Come to JA Vintas theme you can choose not 1 but 4 different menu styles supported in this theme. They are Megamenu, CSS menu, Dropline menu and slipt menu.

6 Bonus Pages

You get an extra pack of 6 bonus pages filled with all the beautiful pages. What can you ask for more?.

Specific K2 Blog style

Apart from the default Joomla content, you can get the best of both world with the K2 content component. Adding articles is more convenience but still staying in trend.

4 Colors themes

JA Vintas is available in Dark, Green, Color and Brown color.

Inbuilt CSS and Javascript Compression configuration

Speed up your site performances way faster with CSS & Javascript compression.

Inbuilt Google fonts configuration

No need to worry on the limited fonts library, you get the built in Google fonts library - various fonts types and styles.

  • K2

  • VirtueMart


Version 1.0.7 29 Nov, 2018

Bug Fix
  • J3.9 - Invisible Captcha: Remove Captcha label
  • Can't show Search and Clean button on tag page
  • J3.9: Got error page when load module id in the article
  • Can't show secret key on login form
  • J3.9: Category List page need more styled
  • Some CSS error on Edit article page

Version 1.0.6 14 Sep, 2017

Bug Fix
  • VM: CSS error on order list container
  • Smart Search page need more styled
  • Alert message: Close icon displays wrong positon
  • Blocks position page need more styled
  • Some CSS errors on Editor
  • Css error on Search page
  • Slideshow Lite: Can't show title
  • Can't show custom field in Contac page
  • Edit tooltip displays wrong position
  • Ipad: Remove unnecessary line on footer
  • Css error on Shop menu
  • Article: Can't show custom field after title

Version 1.0.5 16 Jul, 2015

Bug Fix
  • Edit module: Popular module is cutting form
  • Edit module: Display blank page
  • Edit module: error language
  • Edit module: Top Events module is missing category
  • Remove weblinks

Version 1.0.4 13 Dec, 2013

Bug Fix
  • [JaVintas-T3v2GlobalFont]_Menus don't change to global font
  • J25 - VM - button on Account maintain page is cut off
  • [JaVintas-SlideshowLite]_Lacking navigation on the left and the texts are overlapping image
  • [JaVintas-K2EditItem]_Cannot close one of them Close buttons above after button Save has been clicked
  • J25 - VM - Button Shopping is not nice
  • [JaVintas-OfflineSite]_Remember Plugin is still appearing although it is disabled on Back-end.
  • [JaVintas]_UpLoad message should be re-styled look like joomla 32 fresh
  • [JaVintas-Allcategories]_Should be added a little space between text and listbox
  • J25 - Bug error in VM category page
  • [JaVintas-OfflineSite]_Show offline image only if it exists
  • [JaVintas_EditorForm]_Menu Toobar on Editor form should change to lowercase
  • [JaVintas_SmartSesrch]_Advanced Search doesn't work in IE
  • J31 - Restyle for Joomla Article Tag

Version 1.0.3 16 May, 2013

  • [J31] Add style for tag in Joomla! Content
  • Upgrade to compatible with Joomla 3.1
Bug Fix
  • [J31]CSS error in Typo page
  • [J31] Add style for Edit content in K2 category list
  • In firefox: K2 Category list: missing border

Version 1.0.2 14 Dec, 2012

  • Update to Joomla 3.0 compabitility
Bug Fix
  • [J30] layout broken in Typography page
  • [J30] No show content in K2 User page
  • [J30] Login is not nice
  • [J30] making icon style on print page
  • [J30] Making icons style for Print/Mail
  • [J30] Blog page : missing style when viewing article detail
  • [J30] Missing newsletter module in footer
  • Messages error when open NewsFeed page
  • [J30] Some error in Search page
  • [J30] Missing border on images
  • [J30] Missing icons in Contact page
  • [J30] Should off newsletter module in Editor page
  • [J30] Some error in weblink page

Version 1.0.1 25 Sep, 2012

Bug Fix
  • Error css

Version 1.0.0 01 Aug, 2012

First release