Products Updates

Joomla Products Updates & Version release info

This weekend, We are releasing

  • 5 JoomlArt Joomla templates: JA Fubix, JA Beranis, JA Smashboard, JA Platon and JA Muzic
  • 4 Gavick WordPress themes: GK Simplicity, GK MO, GK Instyle and GK Events
Please check release details below:

Joomlart weekend updates

Weekend Updates: 5 Joomla templates and 4 WP Themes updated

JA Fubix version 1.1.4

  • Register Page lead to Blank Page
  • Edit User form Page lead to Error Page
  • Get error on K2 Article Page
  • Get error on K2 Category Page
  • Get error on K2 User Page
  • Style of K2 Edit Page look not nice
  • CSS error on Search field
  • Iphone landscape: CSS error on Smart Search
  • Iphone landscape: CSS error on Count down page
  • Upgrade Joomla 3.8, K2 2.8

JA Beranis version 1.1.4

  • Search form is missing style
  • CSS error on Image hotspot module
  • Can't hide Contact Information section
  • People page is missing style
  • Can't skip component content
  • EasyBlog: Buttons are overflowing
  • Content popup is missing style

JA Smashboard version 1.1.5

  • Can't Skip component content
  • K2: Missing Fontsize icons on item detail
  • Blank page issue
  • Can't hide "Contact Information" section
  • Acymailing module: Direction to blank page when subscribe
  • Iphone: Logo text and icons are overlapping
  • Problem with page after skip component content

JA Platon version 1.0.6

  • Css error on Footer modules
  • Contact: Can't hide Contact Information/Miscellaneous Information and Contact Links sections
  • Can't show user custom fields in Contact Us page
  • All Contact list is not styled
  • Article popup display error on edit article page
  • Kunena: Avatar and box do not match
  • Kunena: Sticky icon should be changed to another color
  • Kunena: Collapse button need more styled
  • RTL - Kunena: Problem with page title
  • Missing language in edit module page

JA Muzic version 1.1.6

  • Problem in Artist page
  • Fix bug: break artist image

Upgrade steps:

  • View the comparison between versions at JoomlArt Version Updates and replace the affected files, if you have not customized the affected files.
  • Recommended : Use JA Extensions Manager Component for upgrade. Watch video for how to upgrade using JAEM.

GavickPro weekend updates:

GK Simplicity for WP version 1.2.0

  • Update/improve to compatible with the latest version of WP 4.9+
  • Missing Image on FrontPage Template
  • Restyle for Pinterest button
  • JS error on Built-in widgets Page
  • Shop: CSS error on Filter
  • Shop: Coupon applied, but doesn't see the changes
  • Missing Image on Single post
  • Shop: missing image product
  • Iphone: the bottom can scroll down very long
  • Iphone potrait: CSS error on Product Detail
  • Iphone Potrait: Cart Page look not nice
  • No active style for submenu

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GK MO for WP version 1.2.0

  • Update/improve to compatible with the latest version of WP 4.9+
  • CSS error on For App Developers article
  • CSS error on Document Article
  • Iphone Potrait: CSS error when view List article
  • Iphone Landscape: CSS error on bottom

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GK InStyle for WP version 2.0

  • Upgrade wordpress 4.9.x and fix bugs
  • Got css error on forgot password
  • Got css error on product category
  • Submenu is not actived
  • Got error when click on features menu
  • Got css error on checkout page when view on iphone
  • Should add more spacing between quantity and addtocart button
  • Got error in News show pro module

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GK Events for WP version 2.0

  • Upgrade wordpress 4.9.x and fix bugs
  • Comment box should be displayed bigger on smallcreen
  • Logo displays error on smallscreen
  • Events, website...on speaker page should be displayed on small creen
  • Footer links are hard to see on small creen
  • [Iphone/Ipad] Menu should be highlighted when it's actived
  • Back to top button displays error iphone
  • Got css error on event detail page when view on iphone

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