This template has been permanently discontinued...

May 06 JA Club template - JA Spica is introduced in a light elegant style inspired by the official template of with 06 built-in color variants ('green','yellow','cyan','brick','magenta','blue').

With JA Spica, JoomlArt team aspires to raise our joomla! templates to a new level where "Flexible Customization", "Elegant Design", "Web Standards Compliance" are highly emphasized in template creation. A great effort was made with JA Spica toward in-depth programming of the site tools (Resolution and font-size style changer), modules collapsible functions, menu system, important CSS and html hacks to ensure a perfect fit for all kinds of sites as well as all Joomla! elements.

The flexibility to add more colors to the menu with simple and easy changes via separate color CSS files is another key feature of JA Spica.


Responsive Joomla template for Designer Portfolio and corporate portfolio for both Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3 - JA Sugite. Together with Parallax design and the clean look, JA Sugite is sure to impress just about anyone. This beautiful Joomla template supports the favorite Joomla blogging component - EasyBlog, RTL language layout (coming soon) at default, Bootstrap 3 at core and stays stunning on all type of devices.

Thanks to the T3 Framework, JA Sugite is highly compatible with numerous 3rd party Joomla templates. It has a flexible layout structure, and is easy to customize with ThemeMagic or via Layout Configuration - the crazy cool features of T3 Framework.

This template supports RTL CSS Style.

JA Travel - is Travel Tour Joomla template for Joomla 3 & 2.5, is probably the best travel Joomla template for Joomla! It comes with six amazing colors and K2 component support. JA Travel has been highly appreciated for its fresh design approach and appealing concept. Though its usage seems to be limited in just travel sites, the Joomla template can be used for multiple purposes ranging from corporate sites to personal blogs. We are sure that you would find it pretty flexible for your usage.

Powered by robust T3 Framework 2, it comes bundled with multiple complimentary extensions.

This template does not support RTL CSS style

Inspired by the warmth feeling in the midst of near-coming Chrismas seasons, JA Trona brings to you an "web 2.0-looking" template for various purposes like fashion news, blog or news review.

Not just a beautiful web typeface, JA Trona builds in dropdown control panel module keeping usertool and login panel smartly hidden or shown at your discretion. Further, you will see our highslide module as a powerful tool to organize your gallery through which you can create a wide range of image presentation or other types of content (i.e.html, ajax, iframe etc.).

In addition, our first-introduced JA Tooltip plugin new will enable an eye-catching and user-friendly popup that load embed contents directly from your articles.


This template has been permanently discontinued...

JA Uvite - the second template of November, 2008 serves as one of many special gifts that JoomlArt expect to present to JoomlArt & Joomla lovers right before the Christmas holiday seasons.

JA Uvite artistic design cleanly interacts with the site content via our combo integration of various cutting-edge addons. Our typical article management solution JA News which you might have known in JA Teline 2 powerfully gives you a hand in organizing your Joomla sections and categories.

The front-page section with image slideshow is also a part of the JA News module, thus you can easily create spot light news without having to look for any other solution. JA Highslide, JA tabs and JA Bulletin modules smartly facilitate your control over the latest news as well as hot images gallery.


The JA Wall is responsive grid based multipurpose Joomla template also featuring social feeds and is powered by a dynamic grid-style layout and the combination of jQuery Masonry plug-in and responsive design makes the content flexible to be displayed. Hence, JA Wall is just a perfect template to serve all your needs from a typical website/Joomla! content like articles, articles with images, videos, image galleries and attachments. All arranged in a grid-style layout.

JA Wall allows endless stream of a grid-style content following the undesign approach for your Joomla website

JA Wall does not use T3 framework and given its responsive design it works well and fits on all the web enabled devices and mobile browsers. It comes with six styles viz. Default, Classic, Color Block, Color Block Light, Teenlife and BlackBoard Style. Go on check the demo site for these styles, dont blame us if you fall in love.


This template has been permanently discontinued...

The Lunar New year is coming in 2 days and we would like to take this opportunity to introduce JA Wistery to you as another great addition to our popular Joomla! template club. The 2 styles: Standard Wistery and Artistic Wistery (J 1.0.x only) will provide more flexibility to adapt this template to various purposes. The former, more minimalist style can be used for company or business sites while the latter, aesthetically-focused style can be the template of a personal or blog site. Besides the balanced use of bright and light blue color with some highlight color modules, we have been successful in delivering simplicity - the original concept - into this template, making it very easy to use and customize.

Happy New Year and many thanks to all our Club members for all your support!


This template has been permanently discontinued...

Among an increasing number of websites each day, a tidy layout is always outstanding for every site to keep the content coherent while protecting visitors from eye-stress. JA Zibal - new JA Joomla Club template for October is designed to deliver that concept. This new template is right in line with JoomlArt's goal to create appealing and functional templates.

In JA Zibal, MooFX technique once again smartly generates ability to show and hide right modules upon your click. Besides this new advanced feature, JA Zibal enables you to customize elements with minor modifications. You can edit or add new header images separately to each menu section. Also, you can hide and replace the user tools with traditional search boxes to suit your taste. JA Zibal allows you to easily switch between 3 options for menu ( JA Split Menu, SuckerFish,Transmenu). For the color scheme, JA Zibal supports a wide selection with 5 default colors ('black', 'blue', 'cyan', 'red', 'green'). JA Zibal is surely a new bright theme for your website.


High Fashion meets High Design . . . Welcome to JM Enis - our September 2011 Magento Club theme. A unique front page product/image gallery combined with equally unique menu navigation and product catalog/page design - IMMEDIATELY grab viewer's attention with your own dynamic product related images and content.

JM Enis comes with easily configurable complimentary extensions: JM Slideshow and JM Product Slider extensions - so you not only get a great multi-use design, but complimentary features powered by these proven dynamic extensions.


JA Blockk is an ultimate multi-purpose Joomla template promise to kick off your news, magazine, or blog website. This template has everything you need for a stunning website: fully customizable, high functionality, fast loading speed, SEO-friendly, and very easy to set up. Comes with various theme options for blog, news & magazine: From Fashion, Entertainment to Technology and Gaming, JA Blockk is definitely the best choice for you.

Highlighted features:

  • 16 Home page variations for Fashion, entertainment, technology, and gaming.
  • 16 Category layouts to beautifully showcase your news content in grid or list layouts.
  • 16 Detail layouts that support image, gallery, and video.
  • Dark & Light theme switcher.
  • A great content block system makes it easy to customize your way.
  • Built-in Author pages (a missing feature in Joomla).
  • Great JA Content Listing module

Developed with our latest T4 Framework, using the most updated Bootstrap 4 Library, well-tailored from the smallest components, JA Blockk is the best Joomla blog, news & magazines template in 2021.


JA Rave is Political Joomla Template for politics, campaigns, elections and can even be used for personal or corporate joomla websites. JA Rave - an elegant simple template to suit all tastes comes with style support for K2 and JA Comment Component. Rich Typography, 9 layout options and 4 colors are what JA Rave has for you.

It comes bundled with 6 complimentary extensions, to make the task easier. Elegant slideshow module, simple tabs, cool popup gallery plugin shall help you arrange your content efficiently.


Purity III is the best responsive Joomla template that you won't get enough of for almost everything: from a simple to complex Joomla projects, personal blog to professional business portfolio site, or just about any Joomla projects you have in mind.

Built on the robust T3 Framework, Purity III is fully responsive, supports Bootstrap 3 at core, highly compatible with most of the 3rd party Joomla extensions in the community, easily customize with ThemeMagic or Layout Configuration, support multiple layouts and stunning typography pages.

And yes, Purity III is completely FREE. It's our dedication to the Joomla community to welcome the new 2014 with even more challenges and excitement in Joomla template development.

Note: Purity III is now available in French, German and Hungarian, thanks to everyone who are contributing on GitHub

The RTL layout is coming soon.

JA Resume is responsive Portfolio Joomla template for Resume with 6 home page layouts for Developer, Blogger, Singer, Photographer, etc, social feed layout to build your wall page in Isotope layout, blogs and all default Joomla template. The template supports EasyBlog with 2 custom themes and 2 layouts. JA Resume is built with robust T3 Framework and new web technologies, it is fully responsive based on Bootstrap 3 grid system.

The template is SEO friendly and optimized codebase to make it perform better, the intuitive theme control panel with core features built-in will help you manage the site with ease.

RTL languages layout is supported by default.

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