JA Wall

Responsive Grid Joomla Template

Available for Joomla 3

JA Wall Introduction

Quick Info

  • Updated on:05 Jun, 2019
  • Version:1.2.7
  • Download:310,573
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The JA Wall is responsive grid based multipurpose Joomla template also featuring social feeds and is powered by a dynamic grid-style layout and the combination of jQuery Masonry plug-in and responsive design makes the content flexible to be displayed. Hence, JA Wall is just a perfect template to serve all your needs from a typical website/Joomla! content like articles, articles with images, videos, image galleries and attachments. All arranged in a grid-style layout.

JA Wall allows endless stream of a grid-style content following the undesign approach for your Joomla website

JA Wall does not use T3 framework and given its responsive design it works well and fits on all the web enabled devices and mobile browsers. It comes with six styles viz. Default, Classic, Color Block, Color Block Light, Teenlife and BlackBoard Style. Go on check the demo site for these styles, dont blame us if you fall in love.

Fully responsive

No design makeover is needed as JA Wall takes all types of devices into account and adjusts itself dynamically for every wide or collapsed screens.

Image view or Full view

You are free to opt for your optimal site view with two options of Full view (image along with descriptions) or Image view only. The choice is all yours.

Support multiple base grid views

JA Wall supports 4 base-grids: S = Small, M = Medium, L = Large and XL = Extra large to achieve different view mode on your site.

Configurable size for individual item

Feel free to define the width of each item with JA Wall's easy configuration settings.

Various badges for content

Let's mark your articles with different badges like Hot, New, Free... for a better reading orientation. You can add new or customize available badges at ease.

12 styles by default

JA Wall lets you experience the utmost freedom of dressing up your site in various styles from Default, Classic, Color block, Color block light, Retro, Minimalist, Teen life, Blackboard, Christmas, Vintage, Mirror to iWall style.

Auto import content from Social sites

JA Wall comes with JA Social Feed plugin, which helps pushing content from your social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Vimeo, Pinterest to your site automatically.

  • K2


Version 1.2.7 05 Jun, 2019

Bug Fix
  • Image Captions arent reflecting

Version 1.2.5 15 Dec, 2017

Bug Fix
  • Ariticle: Can't show custom field after title
  • Can't show custom field in Category
  • Some CSS errors on Editor
  • Iwall style: Menu and Toolbar display are overlapping

Version 1.2.4 07 Sep, 2017

Bug Fix
  • K2: Css error on Edit item page
  • K2: Featured label is not styled
  • Missing fontsize icon when upgrade k2

Version 1.2.3 21 Jun, 2017

Bug Fix
  • Cant show recaptcha on edit article page so I cant save changes
  • Got some errors when edit an article on the frontend

Version 1.2.2 13 Feb, 2017

Bug Fix
  • K2: Change text color on "Moderate comments" form
  • K2: Font size icons display not nice
  • Css error on k2 comment
  • Opera / Chrome: Problem with Sidebar menu when scroll up/down
  • JA Social feed plugin don't work for Instagram
  • Got some errors on Edit the article on frontend
  • K2: Can't post comment
  • Can't scroll article detailed page in Chrome
  • Css error on edit module page
  • Problem with tooltip
  • Cant load instagram content

Version 1.2.1 20 May, 2015

Bug Fix
  • Remove weblink menu
  • Number display uglys on Menu
  • Color block - K2: Report comment should be change color
  • Some errors on Editor
  • Offline page is not styled
  • K2: Some errors on K2 Item
  • Can't show 404 page when open invalid link
  • Iphone - Ipad: Arrow on menu should be show middle
  • [3x] Tag field displays error on edit article page
  • Ja Wall top menu
  • Edit module: Missing language
  • Can't print article

Version 1.2.0 13 Aug, 2014

  • K2 Facebook "Like" Area Being Hidden
  • JA WALL on Joomla 3.3!
Bug Fix
  • [Video] Dropdown of menu is overlapped on IE, Opera
  • JA LazyLoad doesn't Support HTTPS
  • Secret key show not nice on Login module

Version 1.1.1 14 Jan, 2014

  • Add new themes
Bug Fix
  • [mirror]IE: CSS error in icon
  • [vintage][iphone] remove the space in Search inbox
  • [vintage] K2 page: Restyle for email window
  • [vintage] J32 - show number 0 on search box
  • [ios] Color link is too blur
  • [Vintage] Please restyle for color links
  • [vintage][landscape & potrait -Ipad] J25: Twitter page: comment part is cut off
  • [mirror] Missing image in Homepage
  • [vintage][iphone] CSS error in register page
  • [vintage] CSS error on Register page
  • [ios] Can't read submenu in active state
  • [vintage] K2 user page: hilite style: font color for link is too blur
  • [vintage][landscape-Ipad] Restyle for menu
  • [ios] Restyle for button search
  • [mirror] Hot icon missing background in hilite style
  • [vintage][potrait -Ipad] Showcase article: can't scroll to end
  • [mirror] IE: Remove the line in K2 blog page
  • [vintage][iphone] Menu missing background
  • [Vintage] Chrome: please remove the space on the right
  • [ios] CSS error with the icon tag in User page
  • [Vintage] Missing active style for main menu
  • [Vintage] Please decrease fontsize for all article titles
  • [vintage][landscape & potrait -Ipad] CSS error on icon article
  • [iphone_][Vintage] Menu displays error
  • [mirror] Read more style is missing in item-variations
  • [mirror] Email window is too small
  • [Vintage] Missing image
  • [vintage] content must in the same height with sidebar
  • [vintage] Make all the button have the same style
  • [vintage][potrait-Ipad] Restyle for menu
  • [ios] CSS error in Social Feed page.
  • [J32] Need more space when show warning massage
  • [vintage][potrait -Ipad] Missing View setting
  • [mirror] Missing header in K2 Items filter page
  • [vintage][iphone] Need more space for FB article
  • [Vintage] Captcha doesn't show
  • [ios] Remove unneed space in K2 page
  • [Vintage] IE9: More icon not in the center.
  • [vintage][landscape & potrait -Ipad] CSS error on K2 article title
  • [iPhone/iPad] Please restyle for search page and login form
  • Missing left alignment when scroll down in pop-up view
  • [mirror] CSS error in page Username Reminder Request
  • [mirror] K2 page: link category too blur to see
  • [Vintage] CSS error on Logo
  • [mirror][iphone] remove the space in sidebar menu
  • [vintage] item-variations: CSS error on Image view
  • [vintage] style of Login form in J25 and J32 is different.
  • [ios] Remove unneed line in Showcase page
  • [Vintage][Ipad_] Next button is wrong posittion and some view settings are missing
  • [vintage][landscape & potrait -Ipad] CSS error on Facebook article
  • [mirror] Missing image in K2 page
  • [vintage][iphone] No active state for submenu
  • [Vintage] K2 page: the white space on each K2 item.
  • [ios] Missing image & Link item too blur in item variations page
  • [vintage] CSS error on Hot icon
  • [vintage][landscape-Ipad] Menu side bar is duplicate when slide
  • [ios] The read more icon not nice in variations page
  • [iWall] Realign for descriptions
  • [mirror] Wrong icon for datetime

Version 1.1.0 17 Dec, 2013

  • Support Joomla tag page
Bug Fix
  • [iPad_portrait] Next button lie over menu text in Classic theme
  • [J31]Search page is not nice
  • [J30] : Can't close message
  • [J3.2] Realign on offline page
  • [j32] [Template themes] Editor form is overlapped in some themes
  • Got js error on some pages
  • [Color Block Light - Iphone] Tags in list & detail page is different style
  • [J31]Message warning shows not nice
  • Crashing in the backend when go to Feedgator
  • [j32] Please restyle for checkbox
  • [Classic/iFlat themes] Select logo type is text, separate line don't display full
  • [J31]Tags page looks ugly in some themes
  • Error in edit article detail page
  • Missing image on some pages
  • [j25,32][ Milimalist theme] Need more space between content and border on some pages
  • [iphone] Menu don't display nicely on some themes
  • [Default style] Got JS error when click on "Comment link" icon of K2 user article
  • [J31]Css error in User profile page
  • Css error in Registration form
  • [J3.2]No article Message does not Show on Blog category
  • [j32] Edit form spill out on IE8,9,10
  • Code error when view tag: Joomla
  • Ipad: Some error on main menu
  • [J3.2]Tooltips display error
  • [j32] Need more space on submit weblink page
  • Slogan fall down in Milimalist and Teenlife themes
  • [All styles][Iphone]-Cant load content correctly on Iphone porttrait screen
  • [J31]Login form is not nice
  • Missing image in JOOMLA.ORG page
  • Restyle site configuration page and template option page
  • [j32][Blackboard theme] Don't show navigation on paging
  • Edit profile button displays error
  • [Color Block Light - Ipad] Module is overlapped when view portraint mode
  • [J31]After edit profile, page redirect to default style
  • [j32] Preview image in edit article, that imagines spill out

Version 1.0.9 29 May, 2013

  • [J31] Add style for tag in Joomla! Content
  • Upgrade to compatible with Joomla 3.1
Bug Fix
  • Replace JHtml::core() => JHtml::_('behavior.framework');
  • [J31]Can't click on Advanced Search
  • Closure compile error.
  • [J31] Restyle for Message like: Notice, Warning
  • [J31] CSS error on Edit page - front end