JA Rasite

Jan 2010 Joomla Template

Available for Joomla 2.5 Joomla 3

JA Rasite Introduction

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  • Updated on:14 Aug, 2015
  • Version:2.5.5
  • Download:496,477
  • (4 / 57 votes)

JoomlArt team is eager to announce the version of our Jan 2010 Joomla template JA Rasite.

JA Slideshow module revamped was re-engineered to escalate the ease of use and enhance loading content items from either articles or image folder. With rich slide effects, it loads description layer and main navigator into different positions, auto-resize/crop image by default (if enabled). Articles inside the slideshow are linkable and particularly, able to display orginal image with its own (or any different) thumbnail.

4 themes for light version, 5 for dark, plus 3 bonus themes will make it easy for you to tweak JA Rasite to your own tastes.


Version 2.5.5 14 Aug, 2015

Bug Fix
  • Template options page is not styled
  • Css error on Search page
  • Can't show Category on Editor form
  • Can't show Secret key
  • Missing language on Edit module page

Version 2.5.4 16 Aug, 2013

  • Upgrade to compatible with Joomla 3.1.5
Bug Fix
  • Missing icon Print on Print page
  • [J30]Css error in Contact page
  • [J30]Update link for Module Positions
  • [J30]No icon for Print & Email button
  • [J30]Css error in Submit a new weblink
  • [J30]Layout is broken in Typo page
  • Missing edit button in Joomla Article
  • [J30]Css error in Advanced Search page

Version 2.5.3 26 Sep, 2012

  • Upgrade to joomla 2.5.7
Bug Fix
  • Header block error when enable Development reporting error

Version 2.5.2 20 Jun, 2012

Bug Fix
  • [content slider] Can't Load image
  • Modules in position 'top' isn't showed
  • [slideshow] Set default value for Thumbnail width and Thumbnail height
  • Upgrade to joomla 2.5.2
  • [slideshow] The image of slideshow not in the right position

Version 2.5.1 29 Feb, 2012

Bug Fix
  • Missing info.xml file in the themes folder

Version 1.2.1 13 Oct, 2011

Bug Fix
  • Error mega menu system, cannot select the lower menu items
  • bugs when swiching to light theme

Version 1.2.0 20 Aug, 2011

Bug Fix
  • [Contentslider] This module is down when enable Show tabs
  • RTL : mega menu broken on IE
  • layout broken when set some parameter on sidenew_module
  • RTL_Css error in Search page
  • Missing some image files
  • RTL_Dont show slideshow image
  • Css error on "Edit your profile" page
  • Some error on Search page
  • Error when set "Image Alignment"=right on Sidenews module
  • Css error in viewing articles
  • [Slideshow] Cannot click thumbnail image
  • RTL : missing bullet on submenu
  • RTL: error on Search form
  • [contentslider] Error when set Mode = Vertical
  • [Iphone] Css error in viewing detail article
  • RTL_Css error in Contentslider module
  • Error on main menu
  • Got minor error on Contact us page
  • Iphone: some error on "Free wallpaper" page
  • RTL_Text is disappeared in IE7
  • [Iphone] Css error in Login button
  • RTL : css error on typo page
  • Restyle for page title
  • [Sample Site] Got css error
  • [Iphone] Invalid token message after logout
  • [Thumbnail Plugin] It doesnot work
  • Css error on footer
  • RTl : error on Contact us page
  • Iphone : Css error on login form
  • RTL_Css error in Footer
  • Css error in Footer
  • RTL: error on home page
  • Restyle for Register form
  • Css error in Module name
  • RTL_Cannot click to view articles in IE7

Version 1.1.1 25 Jun, 2011

Bug Fix
  • RTL : error on footer
  • Plz update true link for Switch j15
  • Got error after change color = dark gray
  • Missing image path for JA Sidenews module
  • Css error on home page
  • Author can not edit his own page!!
  • Css error on Login form
  • Css error on Typo page

Version 1.1.0 25 May, 2011

Bug Fix
  • IE7 : error on register form
  • Css error on Register form
  • Should add image for article on homepage
  • Don't see Layout tool display on Cpanel
  • Please reupdate font type for contact us form
  • Restyle "Readmore " button on HOme page
  • RTL: Css error on "Forgot your password" form & "Forgot your username" form
  • Css error when set menu type = split menu
  • Validation bug
  • RTL: Css error on left menu & right menu
  • Admin : Error on Global tab

Version 1.0.0 Beta 14 Feb, 2011

  • Please help to update contact information on Contact form
  • Add language file for JA rasite j16
  • Missing "Print, Email" buttons on "Home" page
  • Please support Iphone layout
  • Please help to add JA Comment Component
  • Please help to enable "Preview Module Positions" feature
  • Site color does not change when select on Top Feature
  • Sample Sites >> Contact page
  • Please help to remove unnecessary color in Cpanel
Bug Fix
  • RTL: Css error in login form
  • "Preview Module Positions " not effect with two modules
  • Iphone : Css error after input long msg
  • Css error on contact page
  • IE: Megamenu does not appear
  • Iphone_Css error in Contact form
  • RTL- Headline should be on the right
  • RTL-IE8: Css errorr
  • Please remove "Local" folder in template root
  • Install sample data error
  • RTL: Css error on submenu when set menu type= Dropline / Split menu
  • RTL: Css error in footer modules
  • RTL: IE7: Missing navigations on ContentSlider module
  • Please help to update "Typography" page
  • RTL-IE7: Css error on content slider
  • Chrome: Megamenu error
  • Iphone_ Navigation error in Navigations page
  • RTL- Naviation page
  • Iphone_Css error
  • Error in language page (admin)
  • IE: "Preview Module Positions " doesn't work
  • RTL: Css errror in footer module
  • RTL_css error on Typo page
  • IE7: Css error
  • Iphone_Css error in Typo page
  • RTL-FF: Css error
  • Iphone_Cannot edit articles
  • RTL - Missing Print button on Detail page in "Sample Sites"
  • Css error
  • RTL: Css error in contenslider module
  • RTL: navigations error on Opera browser
  • RTL_articles on homepage should be aligned to right
  • Iphone_Css error in Hightlights page
  • Cpanel error when showing "Show/Hide Font Tools", "Show/Hide Screen Tools"
  • RTL: Error on typo page
  • Iphone : error on Sample Sites page
  • Image not displayed
  • Mega menu is error
  • Please help to update button color on footer
  • RTL-IE7: Css error on Typography page
  • RTL-Css error
  • Iphone_Edit icon is overlapped
  • RTL-Layout page
  • IE7: Css error when menu= Split
  • Content Slider module: control button does not works
  • RTL: Css error in slideshow module
  • IE7: Css error on Free Wallpapers module
  • Missing module position declared in xml file
  • RTL_mega menu error on IE
  • IE: Cpanel does not appear
  • Iphone_Css error in Free Wall papers page
  • RTL - Featured Articles: Image should be on the right, and "read more" on the left
  • RLT: Main menu error when set menu type= Dropline/Split menu
  • [Mobile] Cant switch to mobile version when click on it
  • RTL: Css error in Wallpapers module
  • RTL: error on articles
  • Please help to update "Forgot your password, forgot your user name, register" links on Login form and convert text to lower case
  • RTL-IE7: Cpanel error
  • Iphone_Realign Login form, plz
  • RTL-Typography page
  • Navigation displayed not nice
  • IE7: Css error on Typography page