JA Ores

Business Joomla Template

Available for Joomla 3

JA Ores Introduction

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  • Updated on:26 Jul, 2018
  • Version:2.5.7
  • Download:498,176
  • (4 / 280 votes)

Introducing Joomla Business template JA Ores, JoomlArt hands over to you a versatile template, accompanied by striking and elegant 08 light themes and 08 dark themes.

Added as a new cut, you will find JA Comment ready in JA Ores demo, a snapshot convincing you on full-functioned and ease-to-use comment stuffs needed for a Joomla site.

Deployed on our popular T3 framework, we have quite no hassle to style JA Bulletin, JA Sidenews, JA Slideshows, JA Content Slider, JA Twitter and, JA Newsticker (modules).

  • K2


Version 2.5.7 26 Jul, 2018

Bug Fix
  • J3.8.10: Got css error on Registration page
  • J3.8.10: Email form is not style

Version 2.5.6 01 Sep, 2017

Bug Fix
  • Add more space between menu and content
  • K2: Toolbar should be changed color
  • Login Form: Disable labels
  • Mod Newsticker: "Head Text" displays wrong position
  • Got notice error on the site after upgrading J3.7
  • K2: Duplicate font size in Item detail
  • Got error on latest item page
  • Can't show custom field in Category page
  • Some css errors on article detail
  • Some css errors on Editor
  • Featured item should be styled
  • Css error on Smart Search page
  • K2: Some css errors on item detail
  • Alert error need more styled
  • Got some error on k2 item page

Version 2.5.5 17 Aug, 2015

Bug Fix
  • Can't create new menu
  • Remove the dots on search page
  • Missing background on Edit module page
  • Some error on Editor
  • K2: Navigation display error on comment form

Version 2.5.4 15 Aug, 2013

  • Upgrade to compatible with Joomla 3.1.5
Bug Fix
  • CSS error in WebLink page
  • CSS error in Contact page
  • Missing icon Print on Print page
  • CSS error in Search page

Version 2.5.3 08 Apr, 2013

  • Support K2 version 2.6.6
Bug Fix
  • The Captcha form in K2 Comment form should be in english
  • Error when view category page
  • Error with Twitter module
  • The images in module "Our Clients" should be in straight line
  • Error with Edit button

Version 2.5.2 25 Sep, 2012

  • Upgrade to joomla 2.5.7
Bug Fix
  • Slideshow - Go error when turn on Developement reporting mode
  • [Ja ContentSlider]- Got error after turn on Development reporting mode
  • Block header - Go error when turn on DEvelopement reporting mode
  • [Ja Sidenews]- Got error after turn on Development reporting mode
  • JA Bulletin module - got Error when turn on Development reporting mode

Version 2.5.1 21 Jun, 2012

  • Upgrade to joomla 2.5.6
Bug Fix
  • Error color background in Typography page and Search result

Version 2.5.0 11 Feb, 2012

Bug Fix
  • CSS error in Category page
  • Css error on Comment
  • CSS validator fails
  • [j25]change menu name
  • Display default setting on Cpanel
  • Error on retweet
  • Error in the Wrapper-Full width page
  • Missing file in blog page and CSS error on menu with light theme
  • [2.5][Article]-Image cant displayed after insert
  • [RTL] Lost Cpanel
  • [j25]-lost characters in blog page
  • CSS error when change layout to Light color on article detail
  • [j25]Captcha is not shown in the contact form
  • [RTL] CSS error on Article list
  • [j25]-can not show Syndicate Text Label

Version 1.1.0 14 Sep, 2011

Bug Fix
  • J17: Icons of Ja contenslider is not on the same line when i hover on
  • Where is login form
  • RTL: Css error in register form
  • Iphone: some error in login form
  • Cant apply global font or any font setting in admin
  • [contact] Got error on contact category page
  • J17: Css error in contact form
  • Cant uninstall Arap language in quickstart package
  • RTL: Css error in contact form
  • Footer - Css error
  • Css error on article detail page
  • J17: Icons of JA Sticker is incorrect
  • RTL_broken on slideshow
  • Iphone: Css error in Blog layout page
  • [Front-end]-some error in comment form in IE
  • Got some warning on blog layout
  • Css error on slideshow when change colors
  • There are some html and css bug (Validation check)
  • [iphone] Css error on home page
  • RTL: color of some line should be the same style (light color)
  • [Slideshow Module]-some error with language
  • [Light-themes] Missing images on: top border on mainnav, background for "Search" button, background for quote on "Testimonials", border-bottom color not consistent with light-theme...
  • [menu] Css error on mega menu
  • Iphone: Css error in login form
  • Light color: Boder of images shuold be re-style
  • Got error when view detail article
  • Realign edit icon on blog layout
  • J17: Css error in Ja Sticker module
  • Cant see text on desktop version
  • RTL: Css error in Comment section
  • Iphone: error when displaying the searching result
  • [contact] Re-style for contact page with option: tabs, plain, fix css for RTL
  • Missing font styling for contact page
  • Got error when click on Quote button of Ja comment component
  • [contact] Missing bullets on contact page
  • RTL: Can not choose Gray light color
  • Menu - Update infor to 1.7 instead of 1.6
  • [menu] css error on menu when hover it

Version 1.0.3 25 Jun, 2011

Bug Fix
  • Css error on Blog page
  • Error on showcase page
  • Author can not edit his own page!!
  • double line on comment form
  • Error on Statistics module
  • RTL : Error on contact page
  • Css error on main menu
  • Css error on Blog pag when set layout = left-right-main