JA Mixmaz

Blog & eCommerce Joomla template

Available for Joomla 3

JA Mixmaz Introduction

Quick Info

  • Updated on:07 Sep, 2017
  • Version:1.0.5
  • Download:970,599
  • (4 / 232 votes)

JA Mixmaz is responsive Ecommerce Joomla template for blog and events. It is an multi-purpose template including ecommerce with Virtuemart component (only on Joomla 2.5 version). It can be used for personal, blog, events and ecommerce joomla websites.

It comes with great K2 blog styles and joomla native blog styles apart from bonus styles. Make sure you check all the pages in the live demo.

JA Mixmaz template is perfect for schools, college's, universities or any educational institute's website.

Built upon JA's robust T3 Framework, JA Mixmaz is responsive and fits all the web enabled devices and mobile browsers.

Fully Responsive template

It's your eCommerce Joomla template but better. JA Mixmaz is fully responsive!

Support Virtuemart Component

With Virtuemart, JA Mixmaz allows you to run an online store within your Joomla site smoothly and professionally.

8 Bonus pages

Get these extra 8 bonus page and assure you have a complete eCommerce solution for Joomla site.

4 Menu styles

There are 4 menu styles for you to choose from besides the default Megamenu one.

6 Color themes

Available in Dark Brown, Brown, Cyan, Violet, Yellow and Light as color schemes for JA Mixmaz. Get stylish with the color choice.

  • K2

  • VirtueMart


Version 1.0.5 07 Sep, 2017

Bug Fix
  • K2: Edit button and Feature label are overlapping
  • Contact page: Text and Icon should be in a line
  • Search: Icon and text are overlapping
  • Can't show custom field in Contact Us page
  • All categories page is broken
  • Some CSS errors on Editor

Version 1.0.4 13 Aug, 2015

Bug Fix
  • Edit module: Missing category
  • Edit module: Error language

Version 1.0.3 03 Jan, 2014

Bug Fix
  • [Acymailing] Cant see subcribe button when using slide effect
  • Still show Remember checkbox although disable rememeber plugin
  • [Iphone] Search button displays error on iphone portrait
  • J25 : Error on Editor form
  • [J3.2] Got error on contact page after enable recaptcha
  • [VM] Error after add item to cart
  • [VM] Add more line spacing on edit shipment address page
  • Icons displays error on IE8
  • Joomla Category : All links are active when open any category
  • [Ipad-shop] Product detail page displays error on Ipad
  • J25 - VM : some error on Editor
  • Module position name is overlapped
  • [K2] Remove redundant character on k2 page
  • [VM] Add more line spacing when show search button on search module
  • J25 - VM - Some error in Account maintain page
  • [Ipad] All categories page displays on Ipad
  • J25 : JS error on account-maintenance page
  • [J3.2] Bullets icon displays error in combobox
  • [shop] Related product displays error
  • [VM] Character written box is too long
  • Text logo type and search display error
  • Some errors on Editor
  • [Contact] Contact displays error when using tabs or sliders format displaying
  • J25 - VM : Add to cart popup shoe not nice
  • Smartsearch page displays error
  • Realign button on editor article
  • [Sidenews] Cant align image to right
  • J25 Can't click to choose textbox
  • [Ipad] Modules on k2 category page display error on ipad
  • J25 : Navigations module error on Shop page
  • [J3.2] Login form displays error
  • [Shop] Sort by item displays error
  • [Offline] Logo on offline page not be linked
  • [Acymailing] cant show popup when using Popup effect
  • Offline page : Errors with message
  • [Iphone] Typography page displays error on iphone
  • VM Curencies selector module : missing bullet
  • [J3.2] Got fatar error on register page
  • Contact layout is broken when enable recaptcha plugin
  • [VM] Css error on print order page
  • J25 - Bug error in VM category page
  • All categories page displays error on IE8
  • Site Offline : Show offline image only if it exists
  • Error on footer modules
  • [J3.2] Restyle for site config page
  • [Iphone] Realign checkbox on contact us page

Version 1.0.2 05 Jul, 2013

  • Upgrade to compatible with Joomla 3.1
Bug Fix
  • CSS error in Photo page
  • CSS error in typo page

Version 1.0.1 04 Mar, 2013

Bug Fix
  • Fix check modules "topnav"
  • Upgrade to Joomla 2.5.9
  • fix bug background icon read more, link Blog Archive, link K2 User
  • Change property of background.
  • Fix for break layout
  • fix bug when click register button redirect 404 page
  • Add z-index for ja top spotlight.
  • fix bug icon hot and icon new
  • Change class of the headline module.
  • [FORUMPID:356718] Links not working in the module "MYLO XYLOTO NEW ALBUM"
  • fix bug icon hot, new

Version 1.0.0 Stable 15 Oct, 2012

  • Style for Typography page
Bug Fix
  • [Ipad- Portrait] : Css error with Featured articles
  • [Ipad-Portrait] Css error in Shop page
  • Css error on VM articles list
  • [Iphone ] Css errors in Bio page
  • [Cyan color] Missing bullet in Blog Archive module
  • [Cyan color] Button is hidden in Account Maintenance page
  • [Iphone] Image is not responsive in k2 user blog page
  • [Iphone - Portrait] All categories in Shop is not nice
  • [Light color]Font color cannot be readable in All Positions layout page
  • [Iphone - Portrait] Css error in News page
  • [Ipad- Portrait]Account Maintenance in Shop is not responsive
  • [VM] Css error with VM modules
  • [Iphone- Portrait] Need more space to seperate 2 modules in homepage
  • Css error in all position layout page
  • [Iphone] Layout is broken in K2 All Categories page
  • [Color]Dont see text in all colors at VM Shopping cart module
  • Css error with release package in Chrome
  • [Iphone - Landscape] css error in smart search page
  • [Iphone - Portrait] Css error in K2 User module
  • [Ipad - Portrait] Css error in K2 categories page
  • [Iphone - Portrait] Css error in Search form
  • [Ipad]Cannot scroll down/up when focus on image by hand
  • Newsticker module : Article title is not nice when disable Head Text
  • [Iphone - Landscape]Css error in contact form
  • [Cyan color] page navigation color is not correct
  • [Iphone - Portrait]Css error with k2 page navigation
  • [VM]Got js error in Account maintenace page
  • [Iphone] Css error in Newsfeed page
  • Got many errors when validate Css
  • [Ipad- landscape] : Menu is not auto lost when mouseover on other menu
  • [Ipad]Not auto fit screen when rotate from portrait
  • Do not show popup when add to cart
  • [Iphone - Portrait]Css error and not auto rotate screen when click search
  • Css error in Weblinks page
  • [Iphone] Css error in All position layout page
  • Joomla content page is not nice
  • Css error in Joomla Content page
  • [Iphone] Registration form is not responsive
  • [Iphone - Portrait] Form is crop in shopping cart page
  • [Joomla Content] layout is not nice
  • [Ipad- Portrait] : Edit User Profile form show not full
  • [Ipad]Cannot display full article when click link in K2 Comment module
  • [K2 Blog] Some Css errors
  • [Iphone] : Navigation error when have many page
  • [Iphone - Portrait]Background text should be equal to image size in Short video module
  • [VM] Css error in Shopping cart module
  • [Iphone] Blog title is too big
  • Cannot hover links in topnav position when sit in Contact us menu
  • [Typo] Color of button is not changed
  • [Iphone]Image in Offline page is not responsive
  • Css error on Tag page
  • [Ipad - Portrait] Css error in Weblinks page
  • [Ipad - Portrait] : Css error on All Positions layout
  • [Ipad-Portrait] Cannot find checkbox in contactus page
  • [Iphone - portrait] Css error in Photos page
  • [Newsletter]This message display not nice when subcribe email
  • News date is unreadable
  • [Iphone - Landscape] Css error in Login form
  • [Iphone - Portrait] Css error in Revew Shop page
  • [Light color] Css error in View products list
  • [Iphone - Landscape] Joomla All categories page is not style
  • [Ipad - Portrait]Space in Tag/userblog page is not the same other page
  • [Droplinemenu] is not nice
  • [Ipad - Portrait] Menu color does not change
  • [Iphone - Portrait]Image should be larger and center align in Popup module
  • [News] Click title => not redirect to article detail
  • [Iphone] K2 item page is not responsive
  • Background is full site => difficult to see topnav
  • [Typo page] Css error with content
  • [Iphone - Landscape]Newsticker doesnot work when rotate screen
  • [Iphone - Portrait] Css error in Registration form in Shop form
  • [Ipad - Portrait] Error in all position layout page

Version 1.0.0 Beta 02 Oct, 2012

  • [Newsletter]Should change effect when hover button
  • Should have image for 404page
Bug Fix
  • News page is not nice
  • [VM] Css error in Checkout step
  • [K2 User] Css errors
  • All positions layout page is not styled
  • [VM] Don't show Availability in Product detail page
  • [K2 Comments]Links should change to red color when hover
  • [Homepage] Css error in slideshow block
  • [Color]Button color in Tour date is not changed
  • [Sidenews]when not show images, title should be collapsed
  • [K2 Users]Not like design concept
  • [Home] Css error with title module in IE8
  • [Contentslider]Display white border
  • [Newsticker] Tooltip for External links is not correct
  • [News module] Css error in IE9
  • [VM]Css error in detail product page
  • [K2 detail] Dont show rating
  • [Brown color] Button color should be changed in Newsletter module
  • [VM]Css eror in Vendor Contact
  • [K2 User page]Jumping when click page navigation in IE8
  • [K2 User] Need more space for title module
  • [K2]Title is collapsed when it's too short
  • [VM]Css error in Shop
  • No title when login then click logout button
  • [K2 User] Bullets are overlapped
  • [VM]Style for price in detail page is not like concept
  • [Css menu] Menu is spilled
  • [Demo content] All categories page is not styled
  • [VM]Css error in VM - Shopping cart module with custom field
  • [K2 Tag] Css error with border image
  • [Color] Border image color is not changed in Photos page
  • [VM]Css errorin Shop page
  • [Sidenews]Layout is not nice when show description, date and readmore link
  • [K2 item]Css error when hover font size icon
  • [Newsletter] Css error in Chrome
  • [Color] comment link should be changed color
  • [SlideshowLite]Css error when add long descripton
  • [K2 User] Button is not nice when hover
  • [VM] Css error in Edit Billing/Shipment address
  • [Popup]Display 3 column when set popup type = highslide
  • [K2 User] Remove line plz
  • [VM] CSS error on Search page
  • [K2 User]Logout button is not styled
  • [Home] Css error in user 14
  • [Color] Page navigation in K2 page is not changed color
  • [K2 Blog]Add non-existed class, but display image class photos
  • [K2 User]Border is not nice when click Login button
  • Css error in user profile
  • [K2]Line should be strengthen to footer
  • [VM]Title in product list is small, not like concept
  • [Popup]Poup window is hidden when scrollup in Fancy box and Thickbox type
  • [VM] Order review does not have style like shopping cart
  • [VM]Not style for email form
  • [K2 Blog] Missing bullet for Readmore button
  • [Color] Link in Bio page should be changed color
  • [Contactus]Css error
  • [Slideshowlite]Cannot show links when add into configuration
  • Not like in design concept in User15 position
  • [Smart Search] Show code error in search result
  • [K2]Not change color when hover title categories
  • [VM] CART page : Price total should be large font
  • Css error in Newfeeds page
  • Font of printpage is not correct
  • [VM] Display warning when checkout
  • [K2] Css error with content
  • Missing search icon
  • [VM] Restyle for page Select shipment/Select Payment method
  • [K2 Tag] Css error
  • [Home] Css error in user2 position
  • [Color] Date in News module should be changed color
  • Contenslider : show title is not nice
  • [K2 Blog]Style for title of category
  • Some css errors in Login form
  • Menu is not highlight when Bio page is active
  • [VM] Css error in VM Category module
  • [T3] Got js errors in virtuemart component when set join js
  • Css error in Contact us page
  • [VM]Not style for custom field in Shopping cart page
  • [K2 detail]Make bullets middle align
  • [Color] Badge color is not correct
  • [VM] Shopping cart module is not like design concept
  • [K2]Some css errors in Print page
  • Remove top link in homepage because concept doesnot have
  • [Color] Some cross line are not changed color
  • Categories module is not style
  • [VM]Button font is bold in select shipment method
  • [Offline page] Missing image