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T3v3 Framework Beta 2 was released on last Saturday (Oh yes, we got too excited and worked the extra hours on the weekend). This version is more than just bug fix release, it's an improvement release. We have gone bold and taken this chance to redo the layout configurations, so as to make it easier for you guys in styling your template’s layout.

Since more than one year, I discussed with Joomlart's CEO (Hung) about the necessity to do a native RTL template. Actually, I was unhappy to see all these automaticlly mirrored templates with a global code: "direction: rtl" that send the vertical scroll to the left side of the screen and cause more issues than solutions. Yes, I read from right to left but I use my right hand to scroll pages and I have the same visual logic as readers of Left-to-Right scripts.

If you are good at creating templates for Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal, then your skills are in hot demand. Take alone the various freelance places, where many web owners are offering front-end developers tons of projects at attractive rates.

But beyond freelancing you could also start creating templates and sell them online as digital products. Big advantage vs. hard products: Relatively inexpensive production cost.

JoomlArt’s all time greatest template JA Teline III is now upgraded to run on the latest JAT3 Framework, although the design stays the same, the code structure has been totally shifted to the new engine, we decided to give it a new name JA Teline III V2.

This is one of the tasks the team is working on behind the scene right now. Besides the regular monthly template releases, we have started upgrading all templates that are released after August 2009 to the latest version for JAT3 Framework.

The Video #02 in a series of 6 videosfor JAT3 Framework has been published. This is a short introduction to the main features (themes and layouts) of JA T3 Framework 2.0 for Joomla! 1.5 and above. Please comment and have fun!

All the templates running on T3 Framework have been updated and Versions released in Downloads. The affected Templates are JA Teline III, JA Halite, JA Kyanite I, JA Kyanite II,   JA Seleni, JA Urani, JA Rasite, JA Lime, JA Mesolite II and JA Zeolite II. Important changes in these versions  are :  1. Upgrade to Latest T3 Framework Code.  2. RTL Language update / fixes. 3. Mega Menu Updates (Except Teline III).  Detailed Changelog is announced in respective template forum as sticky thread.

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