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On behalf of the whole JoomlArt team I wish you all the best for the year 2011. May most of your resolutions will get realized.

Only some hours left for most of you until the old year is gone. We would like to devote these last few hours rethinking about what has been achieved by our team and what not. We had a very ambitious plan at the beginning of 2010. We could not accomplished all our targets, but what we could is not too bad either:

Nowadays it's nothing new to people, the concept "Try It Before You Buy". Especially in beauty shops you are offered to test free trial sized products like shampoo or lotions for instance. So the question is, does it make any sense, if the product is of low quality owners would let anybody test before paying? NO of course not! They firmly trust in the quality of their own products which allows them to approach new customers with a free sample trial.

Hi there, the JoomlArt team wishes you happy Hallow's Eve. Get together with you loved ones and hope you'll enjoy some creepy nights. On this occasion we would like to thank all our members, the loyal developers and designers who are with us through all times. We have a little gift for you prepared.

Free JA Pumpkin module: Get a Flying Halloween Pumkini for your site

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