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Available for Joomla 3

JA Lens Introduction

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  • Updated on:24 Jul, 2018
  • Version:1.0.9
  • Download:308,496
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JA Lens is Portfolio Joomla Template for photographers and web designers, is one step ahead our earlier released, JA Puresite and JA Elastica. So total of 3 responsive Joomla templates in our portfolio for catering various needs of our users. JA Lens has added style support for K2 Component and Acymailing component.

Responsive Joomla! templates are the best option to serve your site to mobiles, tablets, netbooks and other handheld devices without worrying about supporting specific platform. One template to serve them all. Responsive Joomla! templates as JA Puresite or JA Elastica adapts and transforms to fit the screen area of the devices, now be it extra wide monitors or be it iPad, iPhone or the Android powered beauties.

JA Lens uses jQuery Masonry script, JA Lens works well and fits well on all the web enabled devices and mobile browsers.

Fully responsive template

JA Lens displays beautifully in all screen sizes, including smart phones and tablet devices.

Uses jQuery Masonry script

It helps in placing all the articles in the optimal position based on the available spaces. Even when your page is loading, it still remains in style.

Grid layout and Linear layout

Your articles are placed in grids, and aligned in a single direction: vertically.

2 styles to switch

There are Default and Light style to choose for your JA Lens.

5 Bonus pages

This beauty come along with 5 bonus pages: 404, Joomla content, News feeds, Web links, and Smart search.

First template to use JA K2 Timeline module

JA Lens is the first template using JA K2 Timeline module. Thanks to the extension, you can have your items display in the timeline manner

  • K2


Version 1.0.9 24 Jul, 2018

Bug Fix
  • K2: Warning error

Version 1.0.8 01 Sep, 2017

Bug Fix
  • Css error on search box
  • Got scrollbar on home page when view on ipad portrait
  • Css error on navigation page
  • K2: Featured label is not styled
  • Missing image when rating image
  • Css error on smartsearch page
  • Css error on edit k2 item page
  • Remove dots from the dropdown box
  • Cant mouse scroll when open popup on chrome
  • Got some errors when edit an article on the frontend
  • Realign content on print page
  • Edit tooltip displays wrong position
  • Slideshow module is missing on slideshow page

Version 1.0.7 13 Aug, 2015

  • [Comment][j25] comments should have a line in the midle
Bug Fix
  • Blank page when using JA Lens as default template on Godaddy
  • [Navigation][J31] Navigation has error when hover over
  • [Login][J25] Make text and checkbox on a line
  • [Contact][J31] when hover over, text has error
  • [K2_Tag page][j25,31] Tag page has error
  • Edit module: Missing category
  • K2 Archive module issue
  • [j31] Please restyle for notice massage
  • [Registry][j25,31] please restyle for radio and text
  • edit module: Main Menu module is error language
  • [K2][j31] Pagination has error

Version 1.0.6 15 May, 2013

  • [J31] Add style for tag in Joomla! Content
  • Error when k2 have not extra field
  • Upgrade to compatible with Joomla 3.1
Bug Fix
  • [J30] Buttons in article page should be styled
  • [Ipad - potrait] Menu Home is overlap on the logo
  • [J30]Title of User profile page is not nice
  • Css error in SmartSearch page
  • Fix bug on Editor in Front-end
  • [Timeline module] Counter & result is not consistent
  • [J30] The edit article page in front-end has some css errors
  • [J31]Can't click on Advanced Search
  • [J30] Contact form is broken in IE8&9
  • Still not style for edit item link
  • [J30] Error with the breadcrum module
  • [J30]Css error in Weblinks page in IE8&9
  • [j30] Fatal error when access menu: "Item Page"
  • [J30]Css error when viewing item
  • [J30] profile page is not nice
  • [J30]Layout broken when set light theme
  • [J30]Missing k2 avatar image
  • [J30 - Timeline module]Got error when install in T3v3 blank

Version 1.0.5 17 Nov, 2012

Bug Fix
  • Improvement upgrade to Joomla 2.5.8
  • Ja-lens caching issue

Version 1.0.4 16 Aug, 2012

Bug Fix
  • Add more compatible with other SEF plugin of InfinityScroll
  • Still show pop up even if setting jalens_preview configuration is 'no'

Version 1.0.3 22 Jun, 2012

  • Upgrade joomla 2.5.6

Version 1.0.2 25 May, 2012

Bug Fix
  • Infinity scroll caused duplicated content
  • Remove popup review image when on popup

Version 1.0.1 11 May, 2012

Bug Fix
  • Layout option does not work

Version 1.0.0 stable 10 May, 2012

Bug Fix
  • Category and Timeline is hidden after filter
  • Got error when view image
  • K2 + Ipad: Got error when voting
  • [Iphone]-Background should be overlay when open Catgeory and Timeline
  • [Iphone]- Popup image isnt fit inside screen
  • Error with extension's description in back-end
  • Light color : Please update button style
  • [Lazy load Module]- Error when the order of the plugin is under the ACYMAILING plugin
  • Slideshow don't displayed when show thumbnail
  • Opera : Can't show scroll bar
  • Submenu displayed so bad when create more new sub-menu level 3
  • [Light color] Background of Print&Email icon is not nice
  • [IE-K2] Got JS error when close "Edit article" popup
  • Cannot create new menu when installed qs without sample data
  • [Iphone]-Text on the bottom should show full on Portrait screen
  • [Iphone]- Space between year and image on homepage should be reduced
  • HTML validate error
  • [Iphone]-[Menu]- Pup-up menu should be hidden when focus to other place
  • Should direct to a page with notification about submit Newsletter
  • Button cut off in when choosing email
  • Language error on template description
  • [Light color] Contact us/ reset password-username ... : Nothing happen when input param is incorrect
  • [Iphone]- Registration page isnt reponsive
  • Css error when open popup article