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Responsive Joomla template for Business

Available for Joomla 3
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JA Biz Introduction

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  • Updated on:26 Mar, 2019
  • Version:1.2.0
  • Download:498,560
  • (4.4 / 291 votes)

The Responsive Joomla template for Business - JA Biz supports both Joomla 3 and Joomla 2.5 and will transform your ordinary looking Joomla site into professional business site.

JA Biz is built on the robust T3 Framework with Bootstrap 3 at core, supports RTL language layout at default and support for the powerful EasyBlog component, and the cool Joomla extension for map & location - JA Image Hotspot module.

JA Biz Joomla template comes with multiple layouts, 5 colors presets and various typography pages. Altogether makes JA Biz a refreshing functional template design that anyone can quickly pickup and get started in minutes, set up and push it live. If you have been looking for for a business template that you can count on, JA Biz will not disappoint you. This template supports RTL CSS Style.

JA Biz - The responsive Joomla template Built on the latest T3 Framework compatible with Bootstrap 3

Built on the latest T3 Framework and with Bootstrap 3

JA Biz supports the latest T3 Framework and Bootstrap 3 at its heart, assuring you a powerful yet flexible and stable Joomla framework to work on.

Joomla template with Multiple default layouts

Multiple default layouts

Be unique with different styles is what JA Biz brings forth in 5 preset layouts including Feature, Blog and 3 other basic page structures.

Responsive Joomla template with Megamenu and Off-canvas menu

Megamenu and Off-canvas menu

Love the megamenu and the convenienct of the Off-Canvas menu? JA Biz offers you the best of both world with the 2 navigation system in one template. You can now have the megamenu on top while enjoy the convenience of the Off-Canvas sidebar.

JA Biz is a Fully responsive Joomla template

Fully responsive design

That means JA Biz will stay stunning regardless of which screen size it is to make sure each and every of your customers go WOW.

JA Biz - The responsive Joomla template supports Right to left language layout

Right to left language layout

Thanks to T3 framework, RTL language layout in JA Biz is instantly switchable within a few clicks and promises to deliver a slick display.

JA Biz - The responsive Joomla template supports EasyBlog

Support EasyBlog

It’s of utmost importance that you keep constant communication with your visitors through blogging. JA Biz will help secure audience's interest through the powerful blogging component - EasyBlog.

JA Biz - The responsive Joomla template offers handy typography pages

Handy typography pages

JA Biz is packed with a variety of bonus typography pages that will definitely come in handy for your Joomla business site such as: Customer care, Get in touch, Partner, Pricing table, Support Policy, About us.

JA Biz - The responsive Joomla template offers 5 colors by default

5 colors by default

Apart from the default color, JA Biz is also available in other color styles from Red, Blue, Green to Turquoise for more freedom in defining your online identity.

  • AcyMailing

  • EasyBlog


Version 1.2.0 26 Mar, 2019

Bug Fix
  • Careers page: Missing style
  • Fix article popup

Version 1.1.9 13 Dec, 2018

Bug Fix
  • J3.9: Email form is missing style
  • J3.9 - Contact Us: Can't open Privacy note content
  • J3.9: Can't show Term and Privacy on register page
  • J3.9 - Invisible recaptcha: Remove Captcha label
  • J3.9: Counter displays error on Category list page

Version 1.1.8 14 Dec, 2017

Bug Fix
  • Filter Field need more styled on tag page
  • List Contact is not styled
  • Notice error on Tag page
  • Some Css errors on Edit page
  • Problem with EasyBlog after upgraded to latest version
  • Css error on Contact Us page

Version 1.1.7 21 Jun, 2017

Bug Fix
  • Upgrade easyblog latest version
  • Can't show custom fields after title
  • Editor: Some css errors

Version 1.1.6 12 Aug, 2016

Bug Fix
  • Back to top works error in RTL
  • Should realign featured icon on easyblog page
  • RTL - Css error on easyblog page
  • Message alert displays error on home page
  • Should realign search icon
  • Got some css error on article editting
  • [Easyblog] Css error when hover Continue reading

Version 1.1.5 15 Apr, 2016

Bug Fix
  • Easyblog: Can't rating
  • Remove weblinks
  • More button display error when hover on it
  • Image is not responsive on article detail
  • Easyblog is not change color
  • Css error with break article
  • Problem with redirection of JA Login module
  • Easyblog: Css error when comment
  • Missing icon on Editor

Version 1.1.4 07 Jul, 2015

Bug Fix
  • [Biz/ Biz RTL joomla 3.4] [Iphone 4] No recaptcha form is break
  • [Biz/ Biz RTL for joomla 3.4] " Hotspot" module is wrong style
  • [Biz/ Biz RTL for joomla 3.4] Missing image
  • [Biz for joomla 3.4] " Social " module is missing style
  • [Biz for joomla 3.4] Categories detail is missing style for video
  • [Biz for joomla 3.4] error hover
  • social icon size not correct even all template in firfox
  • [Biz/ Biz RTL for joomla 3.4] checkboxs are overlap

Version 1.1.3 14 Nov, 2014

  • Update font Awesome latest version.
Bug Fix
  • [RTL] Css error on login form

Version 1.1.2 15 Aug, 2014

  • Upgrade Joomla 3.3.3 and 2.5.24
  • Update font Awesome latest version.
Bug Fix
  • Miss beforeDisplayContent position in Article Page

Version 1.1.1 18 Jul, 2014

  • Upgrade to joomla 3.3.1 Compatibility
Bug Fix
  • IE8: Can't show submenu when hover
  • Easyblog: Css error on Tag module