Products Updates

Joomla Products Updates & Version release info

This weekend, We are releasing updates for:

1. JoomlArt - 5 Joomla templates and 2 extensoins updated for Joomla 3.8.8, bug fixes and improvements.

  • JA Admin Template
  • JA Magz Template
  • JA University Template
  • JA Lens Template Quickstart
  • JA Anion Template
  • JA Social feed extension
  • JA T3v2 plugin

2. GavickPro - GK system contact Joomla Extension updated for Joomla 3.8.8, GDPR consent checkbox improvement

3. Joomlabamboo - JB Buildr Joomla template updated for Joomla 3.8.8, bug fixes and improvements.

Joomlart weeken updates

Weekend Updates: 6 Joomla templates and 3 extensions updated for Joomla 3.8.8

Release Details:

JA Admin version 1.0.7

  • Can`t add image to article or custom HTML module
  • Get code on tab Quicklink
  • Manager: get error when upload Logo to Quicklink
  • CSS error when set Quicklink view to Fstyle
  • Config error on backend on Horizontal layout
  • Restyle some part in Module list
  • Iphone portrait: Restyle for Login part
  • Iphone Landscape: Edit module: content cut off
  • iPhone portrait: restyle for Search

JA University version 1.0.9

  • Get code error on some K2 pages
  • Contact page doesn't show Custom Fields
  • Iphone: Homepage doesn't show content
  • Edit article: need to restyle for button
  • Can`t click to expand on Smart Search
  • Can`t Edit Module in Homepage
  • CSS error on Video Page
  • CSS error on Remind/Reset page with Captcha
  • Restyle for page offline
  • iPhone: CSS error on Register Page
  • CSS error on Readmore Video Page

JA Anion version 2.5.8

  • Got css error on search page
  • Megamenu is broken after upgrade Joomla

JA Magz version 1.1.4

  • Error Css on page Smart Search
  • Error Css when edit any a Article
  • Back-end: Error Css when choose Error Reporting = Development
  • RTL: Error Css on page Contact
  • Error Css when edit any an article
  • RTL:Error CSS on page Easyblog
  • RTL: Error Css on page EasyBlog when perform function Search
  • Error 500 when edit any module on page Home

JA Social Feed version 1.3.5

  • JA Social feed extension not showing Facebook content
  • Get code error on Cron page
  • Can`t fetch for Event Image
  • Support multishare type post of Facebook

JAT3 v2 version 2.7.6

  • Can't Edit Module in Homepage
  • Can't click to expand on Smart Search

Upgrade steps:

  • View the comparison between versions at JoomlArt Version Updates and replace the affected files, if you have not customized the affected files.
  • Recommended : Use JA Extensions Manager Component for upgrade. Watch video for how to upgrade using JAEM.

Gavick Pro Updates

GK system Contact version 1.1.2

  • added checkbox GDPR

Joomlabamboo Updates

Jb Buildr Joomla template version 1.3.7

  • Lazyload is listed in scripts even when not enabled
  • Restyle module edit page on the frontend
  • Got css error when edit an article on the frontend
  • Got css error when hover login menu
  • Missing icon on Zenbase page
  • Missing module position when Enabled "Preview Module Positions
  • Koan main menu displays ugly
  • Got js error when install jb buildr template in highline2 quickstart
  • Fix browser freeze when edit module on frontend
  • Off canvas menu doesn't work

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