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Here to Magento lovers: another batch of 5 more Magento themes supporting Megamenu extension is here. This week we have JM Fashira, JM Asenti, JM Minisite, JM Tyrolite and JM Methys that now support Mega Menu extension. Now you can give your Magento store the impressive look it deserves with a slick mega menu featuring all the categories along with banner and featured products. New to Mega Menu extension? Refer to Mega Menu product page..

fifth batch of Mega Manu compatible with 5 more Magento themes

5 more Magento themes to cheer you up with Mega Menu!

If you plan to upgrade your theme, back up your site first and dig in the changelog for more details before upgrading.

Magento extension Mega Menu on Magento theme JM Fashira

JM Fashira - Magento theme for fashion

JM Fashira

Magento theme JM Fashira is an engaging Magento theme for online apparel/clothing stores. Simple layout yet sophisticated features, JM Fashira supports two Magento extensions JM Slideshow and JM ProductSlider. There are 7 built in colors for you to select!

JM Asenti magento theme for electronic store with mega menu

JM Asenti - professional Magento theme for electronic store

JM Asenti

JM Asenti is a Magento theme that suit foremost the electronic and furniture stores. Asenti comes in four colors and supports JM Slideshow, JM Tabs, JM Product Slider, JM CategoryList AND Mega Menu Magento extension!

JM Minisite Magento theme for sports featuring Mega menu

JM Minisite - Sports Magento theme now with Mega Menu

JM Minisite

Magento sport theme JM Minisite will help to stand out your store and showing off hottest products. JM Slideshow & JM ProductSlider Magento extensions are complementary in this theme, also 5 skin colors.

Magento shoes theme JM Tyrolite with mega menu

Our elegant Magento shoes theme JM Tyrolite with Mega Menu

JM Tyrolite

A charming fashion / shoes Magento theme : JM Tyrolite! JM Tyrolite supports 6 skin colors and several Magento extensions such as JM Slideshow, JM Product Slider and JM Category list.

Lingerie Magento theme JM Methys with mega menu

JM Methys - our favorite Magento lingerie theme with Mega Menu

JM Methys

Magento theme JM Methys is HOT – this theme is fabulous and actually the best choice for lingerie stores. 5 built in colors are available, and we offer JM Slideshow, JM tabs, JM Product Slider and JM Spotlight extensions along with this theme.

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