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Last week, we released the first batch of Magento 1.8 ready Magento themes, and now the second batch is rolling out comprising of 4 brilliant Magento themes: JM Siotis, JM Flannel, JM Mago and JM Jasmine. In total, we have upgraded all of our 2013 Magento themes so far to Magento 1.8. Woot woot!

4 more responsive Magento themes now ready for Magento 1.8

2nd batch of responsive Magento themes ready for Magento 1.8

If you are considering an upgrade, head over to Infographic: 5 reasons for upgrading to Magento 1.8. To summarize, once upgraded, you can have your site with stronger performance, better product management along with tighter security level and especially a far more accurate taxation system.

Check out our just-upgraded themes to see if your favorite is on the list!

responsive Magento theme JM Siotis is now compatible with Magento 1.8

JM Siotis - responsive Magento fashion theme

JM Siotis is our rebellious responsive Magento theme for urban fashion shops. You will surely be convinced with JM Siotis' powerful features such as Mega Menu, JM Basetheme, JM Slideshow2, JM Products Slider, JM Product and JM Quick Buy. Find out more details about JM Siotis in its own review

responsive Magento theme JM Flannel is now compatible with Magento 1.8

JM Flannel - responsive Magento theme for digital product stores

Featuring Mega Menu, JM Basetheme, JM Product Label, JM Quickview and JM Product Deal, JM Flannel, at first, is for digital stuff and camera shops. This responsive Magento theme perfectly fits plentiful product ranges. You can find some of the best sites using JM Flannel in its members' site showcase. Also check the review of JM Flannel, its charm may allure you too.

responsive Magento theme JM Mago is now compatible with Magento 1.8

JM Mago - responsive Magento fashion theme

JM Mago is our responsive Magento theme for luxurious fashion shops. Elegant yet sophisticated, JM Mago is now even more attractive with the Magento 1.8 upgrade. Coming with Mega Menu, JM Basetheme, JM Slideshow, JM Product Slider and JM Spotlight, this responsive theme is definitely the choice you should have for your online boutique.

responsive Magento theme JM Jasmine is now compatible with Magento 1.8

JM Jasmine - our responsive Magento restaurant theme

Bringing the coziness of a family restaurant, JM Jasmine is much more than just an outfitter for online food shops. Armed with Mega Menu, JM Product List, JM Spotlight, JM Quick View, JM Slideshow, this responsive Magento theme now is even more convincing with the Magento 1.8 upgrade.

What we support

For all the Magento themes that we have and would upgrade to Magento 1.8, we will support the themes in both Magento 1.7 and Magento 1.8 in Download package. However, as for the Quickstart package, we will only support Magento 1.8 version only.

Magento theme download package

Quickstart package is supported for Magento 1.8 only

Upgrade your site from Magento 1.7 to Magento 1.8

You should follow our Magento Upgrade guide and instruction. And always take due backup of all your source files before upgrading.

That’s it for this batch. Keep an eye on us – the next batches will cover more responsive Magento themes released in 2012. Cya!

Other responsive Magento themes with Magento 1.8 Upgrade:

  • Batch 1: JM Gamestore, JM Crafts, JM Monsieur, JM Sporty, JM Hawkstore and JM Lingerie.

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