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Dear Joomla Community and JA members,

It gives me great pleasure to announce JA Purity II, released under GPL license. The demo is released herewith, beta release will be followed in the coming few days. We have made lots and lots of improvement. First was to shift the Purity to T3 framework, which enables multi-layouts, performance boost and native ipone / handheld device support.

With JA Purity II, we are introducing All new JA Mega Menu, which supports multi-columns and ability to load almost anything in the menu items. It does have slight learning curve, therefore, we have made video tutorials and detailed userguide to help in understanding its usage.

CSS sprites have been used, starting with Typography images (check the typo.css file for details and one of the CSS Sprite image, this image alone results in reduction of HTTP requests by 15). Read more about CSS Sprites here.

Right to left language support is also implemented in this version. Demo will be updated with this, in the coming 2-3 days

Live Demo Link : JA Purity ii Demo .

Read the Complete Announcement here


JA Halite running on New JA Template Framework "T3" released for download and demo.

Demo Link >

Details > and