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Joomla Products Updates & Version release info

Looking towards the forum threads and issues pertaining to compatibility of JA Joomla Products with the new PHP 5.3 version, It is to announce that, All of the JA Joomla! Templates and Extensions have been updated to work with PHP 5.3.0 version. It is equally important to note that, we have updated the versions for all the templates / extension for this update. The versions available in the Download Sections are the latest ones, some of which may include the fixes for other minor issues also.

it is strongly advised, to take due backups of the templates / extensions, before trying to update live sites.

The list of templates and Extensions fixed can be VIEWED ONLINE HERE.

If you are NOT running PHP 5.3, do not worry, no need to update. If the template is affected, then the fix is in 1-2 files only, and the same has been pointed out in the online sheet, you can download the package and replace the file (take backup of old file). If its the extension, take screenshots of the backend settings of module affected and then reinstall and redo the backend settings.

Discuss this update in forums HERE.

It gives me pleasure to announce the release of two bonus Joomla templates for JATC members. The templates are JA Mesolite II and JA Zeolite II, which are totally rewritten and now running on T3 Framework. Links for their demo and forums are given below. Both the bonus templates as on the release date (today) supports Viruemart Version 1.1.4.

Demo Sites : JA Mesolite II & JA Zeolite II

Forums & Userguides : JA Mesolite II & JA Zeolite II


A Urani is the December Template for JATC Club. Looking towards the X-mas month, It also comes with an x-mas special preset option. The preview screenshots are made from the live site and Live Demo and Downloads will be available within this week (probably within 2-3 days). Read More HERE.