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Joomla Products Updates & Version release info

JA T3v3 Framework for Joomla 3.0 and and Joomla 2.5 has reached RC2 phase and is available for download. Its a bug fix, improvement and new feature release. Please check the changelog and use compare files for checking difference and take due backup before upgrading incase you are using the beta or RC1 version. Please note there is no change for the T3v3 Blank template only the plugin upgrade would be needed on your end.

JA T3v3 Framework V 1.0.0 RC2 for Joomla 3.0 & 2.5

Important : There are no changes for the T3v3 Blank Template, only the T3v3 plguin has been updated for this released.

Changelog :

Bug fixes :

  1. [T3V3-64] - Magictheme is not work on extensions less
  2. [T3V3-66] - fix jquery .each turn string to String native object
  3. [T3V3-68] - Can not build less when the preview window is not LESS enabled
  4. [T3V3-69] - Disable prev/next button when it reach the first/last tour

Improvements :

  1. [T3V3-65] - Change window.load to document.ready for jadepend parameters

New Features :

  1. [T3V3-67] - Add reorder element function in xml
  2. [T3V3-70] - Sync JModuleHelper class with Advanced Module Manager

Upgrade steps.

  • View the comparison between versions at JoomlArt Version Updates and replace the affected files, if you have not customized the affected files.
  • RECOMMENDED : Use JA extension Manager Component for upgrade. Watch video for how to upgrade using JAEM.

Any issue arising out of this update be discussed in respective template forum.