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Joomla Products Updates & Version release info

Today, we are releasing updates for 8 more of our Joomla templates and 2 modules updated for Joomla 3.9.0 and bug fixes. Here’s the list of the 8 templates and 2 module getting updated in this batch.

  1. JA Edenite II
  2. JA Alumni
  3. JA Oslo
  4. JA Mood
  5. JA Company
  6. JA Healthcare
  7. JA Moviemax
  8. JA Intranet
  9. JA Login Module
  10. JA Quickcontact Module

Please check release details below:

8 Joomla templates updated for Joomla 3.9

8 Joomla templates updated for Joomla 3.9

1. JA Edenite II

business Joomla template

Business Joomla template - JA Edenite II

JA Edenite II is upgraded improved version of our Popular JA Edenite template for corporate and business Joomla sites. Now Edenite II runs on the latest T3 framework and also brings in few bonus pages. The template also supports all default Joomla pages with customized style to fit the template design.

JA Edenite II - Version 1.0.1 changelog:

  • Content-mass-top position is not displaying when disable sidebar
  • [3.9]Captcha invisible: Inline layout: must be below the 'Send me a copy'
  • Missing Tag component
  • [3.9] Contact page: doesn't show User Profile
  • [3.9]Captcha invisible: style error on Popup layout
  • [3.9] Restyle for Popup article Privacy
  • [3.9]Captcha invisible - inline: error on Edit Article

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2. JA Alumni

JA Alumni shool, university Joomla template

University Joomla template - JA Alumni

JA Alumni Template is a dedicated education Joomla template for Alumni, school, University website with all provided layouts, pages and functionalities. The template supports EasySocial component with customized style to build Community / Forum page, it also supports all Joomla default pages: category blog, contact, login, etc to save you lots of time to build complete alumni, university website.

JA Alumni Template - Version 1.0.4 changelog:

  • Missing Search and Clean buttons in Tag page
  • [3.9]Captcha invisible: still show label & other Element overlap on captcha Log
  • [3.9] Category Tag filter: field error
  • [3.9] Category Tag filter: field error
  • [3.9] Restyle for User Profile on Contact Page
  • [3.9] Mod Articles - Category 'Up comming Event': can't show tag
  • [3.9] Mod Articles - Category 'Up comming Event': get error in tags group
  • [3.9] Mod Articles - Category 'Success stories': can't show tag
  • [3.9] Restyle for edit Profile
  • [3.9] Missing Label Term & Privacy in Register Page
  • [3.9] Mod Articles - Category 'Success stories': get error when use Group by Tags
  • [3.9] Consent style not nice in contact form
  • [3.9] Content overlap on Popup

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3. JA Oslo

magazine Joomla template

Magazine Joomla template - JA Oslo

JA Oslo is a dedicated News and Magazine Joomla template with creative design and ultimate core features, it includes all required pages for a News and Magazine website, multiple them colors and supports flexible menu system with Megamenu, Mobile dropdown menu and Off-canvas. The template is fully responsive based on Bootstrap 3 responsive grid system. JA Oslo has 2 color themes: Dark and Light to give you more choices for your website.

JA Oslo Template - Version 1.0.5 changelog:

  • K2: code error on Item Page
  • [3.9]Captcha invisible: still show label on Register
  • [3.9] Category Tag / Month filter: field error
  • [3.9] Mod Articles - Category: can't show tag
  • [3.9] Mod Articles - Category: get error in tags group
  • [3.9] Missing Label Term & Privacy in Register Page
  • [3.9] Restyle for User Profile on Contact Page
  • [3.9] Consent style not nice in contact form
  • [3.9] Content overlap on Popup

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4. JA Mood

 Joomla template

Community Joomla template - JA Mood

Music, community, social network Joomla template - JA Mood fully supports JomSocial and EasySocial component. JA Mood comes with creative design, integrates JA Joomla page builder to create landing pages, outstanding pre-made additional pages: Videos, News, Blog and support all Joomla default pages with customized styles.

JA Mood Template - Version 1.0.6 changelog:

  • [JS] Restyle polls on post box
  • [3.9] Restyle for Image in News flash Module
  • [3.9]Captcha invisible: Inline layout: content overlap on Edit Article
  • [3.9] Restyle for User Profile on Contact Page
  • Text too blur on Register page
  • [3.9] Top Chart & New release: Get code error when use tag group
  • [3.9] Mod News: get code error when group by Tags

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5. JA Company

company Joomla template

Corporate Joomla template - JA Company

JA Company is a creative and powerful Joomla template for corporate and business website. The template also integrates our JA Joomla Page Builder to help you create stunning landing pages (multiple ready to use landing pages are already included in demo and quickstart), it is built with T3 framework and also have native support for EasyBlog component.

JA Company Template - Version 1.0.5 changelog:

  • Update to compatible with Joomla 3.9

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6. JA Moviemax

movie Joomla template

Movies Multimedia News Joomla template - JA

JA Moviemax is a responsive Joomla template designed for Movies, multimedia, news, magazines ecommerce website. It is built with our robust T3 Framework with lots of core features built-in and the intuitive admin panel. The template includes 2 extended content types: Gallery & Video and multiple views: Movies List, News, Video list and Gallery list. Thanks to T3 Joomla template framework, the template is powered with many new web technologies: Bootstrap 3, Font awesome 4, LESS, etc.

JA Moviemax - Version 1.1.7 changelog:

  • Mixed content page error
  • J3.9: Term and Privacy need more styled
  • J3.9 - Invisible Captcha: Remove Captcha label
  • Rating displays error on Movies page
  • J3.9 - article-category module: Missing language when set Article Grouping to Tags
  • J3.9: Can't show tag on Article-category module

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7. JA Intranet

 intranet Joomla template

Joomla template - JA Intranet

JA Intranet is dedicated Joomla Intranet template to build intranet website for a company, organization or a university with all required pages and features: Dashboard, Discussions, Community, Download, Events, Gallery and Student. Content is displayed in masonry and fully responsive layout that transform the content in smartest ways. The template supports Horizontal & Verical menu and off-canvas menu. The intranet template supports DocMan, EasyBlog, EasySocial & EasyDiscuss. You will get exclusive discount when buying the extensions.

JA Intranet - Version 1.0.8 changelog:

  • J3.9 - Invisible Recaptcha: Remove Captcha label
  • J3.9: Got CSS error with Term and Privacy
  • Article popup displays error on editor
  • J3.9: Missing Tag option in the Article-Category module
  • RTL: Easyblog is missing tyle

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8. JA Healthcare

medical Joomla template

Medical Healthcare Joomla template - JA Healthcare

JA Healthcare is responsive medical Joomla template for Healthcare Hospitals featuring cosmetic clinic , fitness clinic and child clinic layouts, built with robust T3 Framework and new web technologies. The template is fully responsive based on Bootstrap 3 grid system. Its oriented & creative design with flexible layout system and multiple theme colors help represent content in smart ways

JA Healthcare - Version 1.0.7 changelog:

  • J3.9: Got CSS error with Term and Privacy
  • J3.9: Can't show invisible captcha
  • J3.9: Missing language on Article-Category module when set Grouping to Tags

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JA Login Module

JA Login module version 2.7.0 changelog:

  • [3.9] Update to support 3.9 feature: Captcha invisible, Term & Privacy

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JA Quickcontact Module

JA Quickcontact module version 2.6.4 changelog:

  • [Ajax] Spacing removed when use Ajax Sending.
  • Cant send contact because alway show wrong captcha
  • Support Invisible Captcha
  • Improvement in content captcha plugin

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