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JA Zebrina Introduction

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This template has been permanently discontinued...

To kick off our newly designed template series for 2007, JoomlArt Team would like to introduce you to JA Zebrina

Building on the Web 2.0 trend, JA Zebrina was created using the JAAXNew! (JA AJAX) technique, making your browsing more comfortable and faster. The AJAX technique makes web pages more responsive by exchanging data with the web server behind the scenes, instead of reloading an entire web page each time a user makes a change. After clicking any link, you do not have to leave your navigation and you can still read the content; the new page only displays after it is fully loaded. A small loading icon loading at the top right indicates that the page is responding to your click.

Available built-in content style in JA Zebrina significantly helps to organize your site with a high standard of typography.