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  • uzcant Friend

    Hi everyone,

    I have two issues about JA Newsflash module:

    First is the encoding problem. Titles are ok but the content has encoding problem in Turkish? How can i fix it?

    Second is the suffixes. Where can i more info which suffixes can be used for JA Newsflash module?

    Thanks for your helps.

    masta90 Friend

    Hi, in joomla 1.5 template there is a little bug:

    Go to top imagen doesn’t show.
    I readed the index.php and here is the solution:

    <!-- BEGIN: FOOTER -->
    <div id="ja-footerwrap" class="clearfix">
    <div id="ja-footer">

    <div id="ja-usercolorswrap">
    <div id="ja-usercolors" class="clearfix">
    <?php if($JAconfig->ja_tool & 4) $tempTools->genToolMenu(4); ?>
    <ul style="margin: 0; padding-left: 10px;">
    <li><a href="#Top" title="Go to top" style="text-decoration: none;"><img src="<?php echo $JAconfig->template;?>/images/top.gif" title="Goto top" alt="Goto top" /></a></li>
    </div><div class="clr"></div>

    <jdoc:include type="modules" name="user3" />
    <?php include (dirname(__FILE__).DS.'/footer.php');?>
    <!-- END: FOOTER -->

    Just add templates/ before <?php echo $JAconfig->template;?>/images/top.gif” title=”Goto top” alt=”Goto top” /></a></li>

    it shows:

    <a href="#Top" title="Go to top" style="text-decoration: none;"><img src="templates/<?php echo $JAconfig->template;?>/images/top.gif" title="Goto top" alt="Goto top" /></a>

    jbicik Friend

    In Joomla 1.5RC1 and RC2 if a submenu item is selected from the main menu it is not highlighted (marked as active). Demonstration of the problem can be found here:

    Correct behaviour:,com_wrapper/Itemid,8/
    INCORRECT behaviour:

    Please notice the “Wrapper” menu item in bold as an example of correct behaviour and “Current Projects” in normal font + Parent item active as an example of INCOORECT behaviour.

    Thanks for your help!

    Regards, Josef

    g.akram Friend

    this one is nice, works with me… thanks.

    lgbtnation Friend

    Great templete! It’s working well for me, now I had to figure out the user modules and work them out with my mag! Thanks….

    kagex Friend

    Has anyone noticed that the magnifying glass image on beside the “search” is not appearing like the demo one?

    jkab Friend

    Yes, and there is even a thread called “Search image not displaying“.

    kagex Friend

    <em>@jkab 28197 wrote:</em><blockquote>Yes, and there is even a thread called “Search image not displaying“.</blockquote>
    Ooh, thanks for that. it works perfectly now. cheers

    joaonoites Friend

    i have installed SEF advance 5.0.4 in JA Mageia but only show the first header image (header1.jpg). when i click to other link the image header disappears.
    Can i specify different image header to exact content?

    best regards,

    jkab Friend

    I have the Joomla SEF links, and managed to get it to work, see:

    mdmweavers Friend

    How do you get to the templates section? I have looked in the media manager and can’t find the templates folder.

    Header images are stored in templates/ja_mageia/images/header/

    orpheus2510 Friend

    What do you mean with “templates sections”? The module positions?

    mdmweavers Friend

    The information I found said to look in templates/ja_mageia/images/header/. But in which section do I look for this templates/ja_mageia/images/header/. I have looked in the media manager where images are, but I can’t seem to find any images related to the Ja Mageia in there. I would like to know where to find the Ja Mageia images so I can change them.

    I was albe to un zip the Ja Mageia template folder on my computer (not in Joomla) and find the images that way, but now I don’t see how to upload them and where to. I can’t seem to make the connection to the folder from the HTML.

    jkab Friend

    Just go to where your Joomla is installed and there is a folder called temlates. Or study some basic web course to know more… You can’t use the media manager, since that is only for the main images folder, and you want to be in the templates folder, where all the images for the templates are. Then upload the new images via ftp or Joomlaxplorer.

    qfirdaus Friend

    does anybody know how to remove User4 and User5 (newsflash and search) so i can make my header in full width..?

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