Products Updates

Joomla Products Updates & Version release info

This weekend, We are releasing updates for:

1. Joomlabamboo - 11 Joomla templates and 4 Extensions updated for Joomla 3.8.6, PHP7 support, Bug fixes and improvements.

  • JB Revision Template
  • JB Moments Template
  • JB Nebula Template
  • JB Maxbiz2 Template
  • JB Profile Template
  • JB Zenbase Template
  • JB Zenhost Template
  • JB Portal Template
  • JB Onepage Template
  • JB Arcadia Template
  • JB Flux Template
  • JB Type plugin
  • JCE JB Type
  • JB Zentool Module
  • JB Zenkit Plugin

2. iJoomla - Guru Component version 5.1.2 updated for new feature, imporovments and bug fixes.

Please check release details below:

Joomlart weekend updates

Joomlart Weekend updates: 11 Joomla templates, 4 extensions updated

JB Revision Template version v1.2.9

  • Update to compatible with Joomla 3.8
  • Skip component doesn't work
  • Restyle for Email Article
  • Modal Style not correct
  • iPhone Landscape: CSS error on Search Part
  • Iphone: Remov the dot on Menu offcanvas
  • Iphone Landscape: Can't scroll Menu down
  • Can't Edit Module in Homepage

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JB Moments 3 v1.4.3

  • Upgrade to compatible with Joomla 3.8
  • Tag too close on Homepage
  • Videopost too large on Homepage
  • Zentool Gallery: remove the space among lines
  • Grid layout: style not nice
  • K2: layout is different from Demo
  • News page: columns too close
  • Disable for K2 comment
  • JS error on News Page
  • Iphone - Register Page: content is cut off
  • iphone portrait: restyle for K2 tab page
  • Skip component doesn't work
  • K2 title & K2 Filter: some elements are too close
  • K2: Video must in Fullwidth
  • Iphone: K2: Restyle for Image in Item Detail
  • iPhone Portrait: Header part not nice on Login
  • Restyle for K2 Edit Item Link

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JB Nebula Template version v1.4.3

  • Update to compatible with Joomla 3.8
  • Menu: font type is different from demo
  • CSS error on first Read more in Tab Book us
  • CSS error on Footer Menu
  • Menu looks not nice in Module Position Page & Font-icon Page
  • CSS error in Pagination
  • Skip component doesn't work
  • Iphone: Submenu should have style
  • Edit page: get error on Icon Logo
  • Edit Module: missing popup when hover
  • K2 Carosel: remove the List

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JB Maxbiz2 Template version v1.4.3

  • Update to compatible with Joomla 3.8
  • Menu: after Login, it's hard to click
  • MenuHeader: need more space
  • Active state Submenu too blur
  • Can't Edit Module in Homepage
  • Edit page: get error on Icon Logo
  • Skip component doesn't work
  • Typo page: missing style for Number & Color Tab
  • Modal Style not correct
  • iPhone Landscape: CSS error on Search Part

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JB Profile Template version v1.0.5

  • Remove height calculate
  • Missing language

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JB Zenbase version v1.2.6

  • Can't skip component content
  • Missing active style
  • Navigation need more styled
  • CSS error on Joomla menu
  • Fixed T3 on/off Button
  • Restyle stickynav.less

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JB Zenhost version v1.0.4

  • Wrong font text
  • Can't skip component content
  • CSS error on Copyright
  • Iphone: Panel image and button are overlapping
  • Missing language in edit module page
  • Support dev mode
  • IPhone/Ipad: Panel trigger is auto jump when open off-canvas menu

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JB Portal version v1.4.5

  • Can't skip component content
  • Module positions are hidden
  • Email form is not styled
  • CSS error on Tabs module style
  • Add more space between two tags
  • Search icon is auto jump when hovering on it
  • Filter field displays error on Tag page
  • Question displays error on FAQ page
  • Problem with article title

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JB Onepage version v1.4.2

  • Restyle email form popup
  • Title of article displays error on search result page
  • Cant show image custom field on user profile page
  • Got css error on edit user profile page
  • Skip component is not working property
  • Mousehover menu is not working on the frontend

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JB Arcadia version v2.0.2

  • Menu displays error when scrolldown
  • Missing view more icon on top bar
  • Realign readmore icon on meet the team page
  • Got some error when open offcanvas menu
  • More icon displays error on homepage
  • Home page displays error on iphone
  • Content should be displayed fullwidth on iphone
  • Footer displays error on iphone
  • Got css error when edit profile page
  • Restyle print, email popup
  • Got css error when edit article on the frontend
  • Appears scrollbar on Testimonial page when view on iphone
  • Mousehover megamenu is not working
  • Logo alignment is not working

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JB Flux version v2.0.2

  • View more icon displays wrong position
  • Menu text is hard to see when hover
  • Search module displays error on onepage
  • Got css error on menu module
  • Missing style on email popup and print preview page
  • Got some css error on edit article page
  • Got css error on smartsearch page
  • Missing image on zentools carousel page
  • Remove some components which no longer supported in quickstart package
  • Menu displays error when add menu caption
  • Menu displays error when add menu caption
  • Got css error on module position page
  • List contacts in category page displays error on iphone
  • Should realign search button on search page when view on iphone

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JB Type plugin version v2.0.0

  • Sticker doesn't work on frontend edit
  • Fix conflict style

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JCE JB Type version v2.0.9

  • Display wrong orange sticker icon
  • Change label of type group

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JB Zentool moudule version v1.14.6

  • View more icon displays the wrong position
  • Missing images on Portal Filter
  • Slideshow backstreck: doesn't show Image
  • Remove style for affix on zentool module

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JB Zenkit plugin version v2.1.6

  • Fix bug feature view on zenkit
  • Restyle for K2 Edit Item
  • K2 title & K2 Filter: some elements are too close

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iJoomla Updates

Guru 5.1.2 Released for bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed one bug in the cart when the price get deleted
  • Fixed one bug when open Vimeo video types in quiz
  • Fixed “undefined” bug when a media text was saved and in some other instances
  • Fixed a bug with “Projects” when SEF was enabled
  • Fixed some teacher emails sending to correct teacher
  • Fixed a bug on modal when add exercises to a course

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