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Guys, 2012-2014 eCommerce Magento themes are now ready for Magento 1.9. Check this out to find your favourite ones!

Magento theme download package

Up to 28 eCommerce themes now support Magento

Should I upgrade to Magento 1.9?

For consideration, head over to Magento 1.9 Infographic : 5 reason for Upgrading or Magento 1.9 CE release note in advance of any upgrading.

What's on the list?

2014 Responsive Magento themes with Magento

2013 Responsive Magento themes with Magento

2012 premium Magento themes with Magento

What we support

All the mentioned Magento themes support all the latest Magento versions in Download package. However, the Quickstart package of each theme are ready for Magento 1.9 version only.

Magento theme download package

Quickstart package is supported for Magento 1.9 only

Upgrade your site to Magento 1.9

Don’t be afraid guys, we are with you on this. We have updated a detailed Magento Upgrade guide and instruction, so things can be much more easier for you.

And always take due backup of all your source files before upgrading the theme.