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Joomla Products Updates & Version release info

JA Megafilter for Joomla component just got an update and it now supports MijoShop and J2Store Joomla components. A new layout for Virtuemart has also been added along with other improvements and bug fixes.

New additions to JA Megafilter for Joomla

  • Mijoshop supports
  • J2Store support
  • New layout for Virtuemart
  • New filter type support: Color Filter
  • Choose between pagination or auto loading
  • Option to make filter sidebar sticky
JA Megafilter release

JA Megafilter released with cool updates

Mijoshop and J2Store supports

The Joomla Filter extension - JA Megafilter now supports 2 more eCommerce Joomla exntensions: Mijoshop and J2Store, user can create stunning and advanced product search and filter page for Mijoshop and J2Store components with clean and beautiful design.

mijoshop search and filter

Mijoshop search and filter page

search and filter page for j2store

J2Store search and filter page

New layout for Virtuemart

For each supported 3rd party extensions, we have overridden default layouts and customized styles. JA Megafilter now supports 2 layouts for Vituremart: Default and Layout 2 with a different style. You can switch layout in the Menu configuration.

New layout for virtuemart filter page

New layout for Virtuemart

If you want more layouts for supported extensions, please submit request on JA Megafilter forum, we will check and plan to do.

New filter type support: Color Filter

Besides multiple or dropdown filter type for color field of products, JA Megafilter for Joomla now supports new filter type: Color filter that allows user to filter by product color.

color filter

Supports color filter type

The settings is pretty simple, after adding color fields for products, in the Megafilter configuration, find the color field and set filter type to Color.

color filter type settings

Select "color" filter type.

Support auto page and sticky filter bar

Instead of pagination, you can enable "Auto page" option to display products when user scroll down the page.

You can also make the filter bar sticky when scrolling so that the filter bar is always fixed on left sidebar to search and filter easier.

auto page and sticky filter bar

Auto page and fixed position for filter bar

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