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JA Joomla GDPR extension brings GDPR compliance to Joomla sites. Easy to setup and customize. Today, we are releasing updates for JA Joomla GDPR with 5 more popular 3rd party extensions support and bug fixes.

JA Joomla GDPR release details:

5 more popular 3rd party extensions supported:

  1. DJ-Classifieds Component
  2. DJ-Catalog2 Component
  3. Joomshopping Component
  4. MIjoshop Component
  5. Hikashop Component

5 Bug fixes

JA Joomla GDPR updated

JA Joomla GDPR updated for more 3rd party extensions support

5 more popular 3rd party extensions supported

The release update comes with support for 5 more extensions

GDPR plugin to support JoomShopping component

gdpr for jomshopping component

JA Joomla GDPR supports JomShopping component

gdpr for jomshopping component

JA Joomla GDPR JomShopping configuration

GDPR plugin to support Mijoshop

gdpr for mijoshop component

JA Joomla GDPR supports Mijoshop Component

gdpr for mijoshop component

JA Joomla GDPR Mijoshop settings

GDPR plugin to support Hikashop

gdpr for hikashop extension

GDPR for Hikashop extension

gdpr for hikashop settings

GDPR for Hikashop settings

GDPR plugin to support DJ-Classifieds

gdpr for dj-classifieds

JA Joomla GDPR DJ-Classifieds

gdpr for dj-classifieds setting

JA Joomla GDPR DJ-Classifieds settings

GDPR plugin to support DJ-Catalog

gdpr for dj-catalog

JA Joomla GDPR DJ-Catalog

gdpr for dj-catalog setting

JA Joomla GDPR DJ-Catalog settings

Bug fixes:

  • No email notification to admin
  • Issue with confirm URL --wrong user delete
  • Update language after confirmation
  • Restyle for button on confirm
  • Fix edit confirm URL if enable/disable seo url

Build JA GDPR plugin for 3rd party extension support

JA Joomla GDPR extension supports 13 popular 3rd extensions, and more extensions will be supported. Each supported 3rd party extension is an independent plugin to help to maintain core easier and can extend to support more extensions in future.

Developer can build GDPR plugin to support for a specific 3rd party extension, follow our GDPR plugin creation developer guide.

Installation and Upgrade

  • View the comparison between versions at JoomlArt Version Updates and replace the affected files, if you have not customized the affected files.
  • Recommended : Use JA Extensions Manager Component for upgrade. Watch video for how to upgrade using JAEM.

3rd Party Extension Plugins download access

The core extension is free for all, all 3rd party extensions plugins are available for free for all active paid members across JoomlArt, JomSocial, Gavick, JoomlaBamboo and ijoomla. Members having any active paid plan across these sites will have free access to all current and future plugins.

This limitation has been placed to limit the support requests arising out of 3rd party extension support. The workflow implementation for each plugin may be different and we would need to dedicate constant resources to keep updating them for all latest releases.

Feel free to comment, suggest features in the comment box below.

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