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JA JobBoard component v 1.0.2 stable for Joomla 2.5 has been released last week. Its a bug fix, improvement and New feature release. With this version we introduce the Multi-language support for JobBoard items, Administrators / Employer can now select the language for JobBoard items (job, caegory, location). There are other minor updates and improvements, please check the changelog for details.

Still on Joomla 1.5?

Users wishing to migrate from joomla 1.5 to joomla 2.5 should follow the migration steps outlined in the JobBoard wiki (link below). Please note that any customization done on 1.5 version will have to redone manually.

  • Migration Steps
  • Please discuss issues related with these updates in the JobBoard forum.

    Release Notes - JAJobBoard for J25 - Version 1.0.2


    • [JAJBJ25-157] - CSS error in Post Job form
    • [JAJBJ25-175] - Google map does not show in job item page
    • [JAJBJ25-180] - can not update location as single select
    • [JAJBJ25-181] - timezone issue
    • [JAJBJ25-183] - [Mult Lang]Missing language for Resume detail
    • [JAJBJ25-184] - [Mult Lang] Missing language for tab latest Job
    • [JAJBJ25-185] - [Mult Lang] Missing language for tab Latest Resume
    • [JAJBJ25-186] - [Mult Lang] Missing language in Job post detail
    • [JAJBJ25-187] - Please remove underline & character "-" in item links of Job detail, Profile, Resume..
    • [JAJBJ25-188] - Remove search icon in Language box
    • [JAJBJ25-189] - [Backend] Please update language in Edit form field
    • [JAJBJ25-190] - [mult lang] Employer can't see all job post if they not in the same lang
    • [JAJBJ25-191] - [mult lang] Missing language when Employer access denied in post premium job
    • [JAJBJ25-192] - Post new job: only one tag added
    • [JAJBJ25-193] - [mult lang] Missing language when coupon code is expire
    • [JAJBJ25-194] - [mult lang] Missing language option for Employer in Post premium job page
    • [JAJBJ25-195] - [mult lang] Status language change after login
    • [JAJBJ25-196] - [mult lang] Missing language jobseeker profile detail - part 'is feature'
    • [JAJBJ25-197] - [mult lang] Missing language jobseeker view 'My application'
    • [JAJBJ25-199] - can not post job if modify 'id' field by form customization feature
    • [JAJBJ25-200] - Missing date on Latest Job list
    • [JAJBJ25-202] - [Multi Language]-Some part in breadcrumb is not translated
    • [JAJBJ25-204] - [Backend] : Missing icon on Billing page
    • [JAJBJ25-205] - do not save category and location when register new employer or resume
    • [JAJBJ25-206] - Missing mainmenu
    • [JAJBJ25-207] - [Mutilanguage] Some text is not translated
    • [JAJBJ25-208] - [Post Job]Got js error when not use t3 plugin
    • [JAJBJ25-209] - [Post Premium Job] No effect when click button without using T3 Plugin
    • [JAJBJ25-210] - Breadcum is duplicated in Homepage
    • [JAJBJ25-211] - [Backend]Job Status update incorrectly
    • [JAJBJ25-212] - [Filter Jobs module] button reset is not translated
    • [JAJBJ25-213] - [mutilanguage] All Permission Messages are not translated
    • [JAJBJ25-215] - [Backend] : Do not update User Group type in 'Import Joomla User' form
    • [JAJBJ25-216] - do not save avatar of resume when register new job seeker


    • [JAJBJ25-160] - Check and improve search queries on front-end
    • [JAJBJ25-173] - Improve posting job on front-end
    • [JAJBJ25-176] - Remove unused code and duplicated functions

    New Feature


    • [JAJBJ25-177] - Missing Plugin JA Google map in Jobboard package