JA Mesolite II

Jan 2010 Bonus Joomla Template

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JA Mesolite II Introduction

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  • Updated on:22 Sep, 2011
  • Version:1.1.4
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This template has been permanently discontinued...

Businesses spend a lot of money designing their physical store layout - making it as good looking as possible. So, why shouldn't your website store look just as good? That's why JoomlArt brings you JA Mesolite.

For the second template released in July, JoomlArt has developed a new template to coincide with VirtueMart, and exclusive JoomlArt modules: JA Slideshow, JA News and JA VMproductslide that allows you to show off your products effectively in a neat and clean layout. Surely, JA Mesolite provides you an optimal presentation of all products to your potential customers.


Version 1.1.4 22 Sep, 2011

Bug Fix
  • Menu doesnt work when set default layout is Iphone
  • CSS error in Edit product/Product status tab
  • Print in viewing order detail works incorrectly
  • Css error on left menu
  • Got error elements is undefined when increase/decrease quantity product
  • Review date isnt translated to another language
  • [IPhone] Login form isn't displayed when select "Read more" in article of Home page
  • Css error in Register form
  • Page not found when add new shipping address or update address
  • Css error on complete order step when checkout
  • [Iphone] Css error on login form
  • Dont show page navigation when have no more items
  • RTL_Css error in Step 3 of 4 in Checkout process
  • Issue in FF4 in cart page
  • Got error when review order detail
  • [SEF] Got error when click on Print icon
  • Got error mega.js when enable mootool upgrade plugin
  • Css error in Billing Information page
  • Got error after create new billing information to checkout
  • Page not found when enable SEF urls
  • [Iphone] missing switch link Mobile version
  • Layout is break when click button close in edit product
  • Got js error when enable System - Mootools Upgrade plugin
  • [checkout] got error after checkout successfully
  • RTL_popup should be shown in center window
  • Janews for virtuemart module is used in this template??? if not shoulde remove it to clean db
  • Css error in Payment method page
  • Dont display print page when click print icon
  • Cant request new password or user name
  • Missing quote icon on IE7
  • Got error when edit your detail page
  • Set align for buttons in a line
  • textbox is too long in ask a question to product page
  • Got error on shipping method step when checkout
  • RTL css error on typo page

Version 1.1.3 25 Apr, 2011

  • Mod_janews_vm is disabled in the quickstart, if it's not used, plz uninstall it
Bug Fix
  • Error when view items added to cart
  • Css error in change currentcy module
  • Product image thumbnails displaying too low down after install lastest VM version
  • Error with module position name
  • RTL-can not display the number of products added to cart
  • RTL: Can not see next button in the Shipping Address! form
  • Iphone ; Missing Image on Colour page
  • Error with Attach Image form when edit an article
  • Css error in login form
  • Iphone: Missing Search icon after open "edit article" page
  • In different pages, Edit icon is displayed in different location
  • Css error in "select a Shipping Address!"
  • Iphone: Css error on Shop page
  • Error with space between word and button in the Edit an article form
  • RTL: Css error in Recently Viewed Products section
  • Iphone: can't open login form after open "Forgot your password" page
  • Error when view items in the Mass-bottom module position
  • Css error in details page
  • Css error in checkout page
  • Error with the Main Menu when edit an article
  • Error when click on the Calendar icon on IE browser
  • RTL: Can not see character written box
  • Iphone: error on Search form

Version 1.1.2 23 Nov, 2010

Bug Fix
  • Problem Mesolite II - Opera browser

Version 1.1.1 17 Aug, 2010

Version 1.1.0 02 Mar, 2010

  • Need to check the ja menu on the IPHONE
Bug Fix
  • RTL: seach box in left of menu not is right of menu
  • Update T3 Framework - fix rtl in menu
  • Fix JText
  • Update T3 Framework
  • Menu for iphone

Version 1.0.0 07 Jan, 2010

First release