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July 2008 Joomla! Template

JA Labra Introduction

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This template has been permanently discontinued...

Finding inspiration from artistic style, JA Labra sees a new splendid color theme showing the realistic and gentle animation.

For the first time, module JA FlowlistNew has newly added an unique image sequence to the header area which enables to load external images and creates a 3D flow animation. The background color of the module is changeable to go with image color themes at your end.

Particularly, JA Labra does support drag and drop feature New to move modules among the left and right positions. Default configuration can be re-set easily by clicking "Reset Module Status".

In addition to animation effects from JA Flowlist, the JA Labra fully explores the advantage of JA Tabs as shown in our previous releases like JA Teline II, JA Iolite etc.