JA Edenite

March 2008 Joomla Template

JA Edenite Introduction

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  • Updated on:15 Apr, 2016
  • Version:2.5.6 Changelog
  • Download:498,328
  • (4.4 / 279 votes)

You're interested in setting up a corporate business based website by using the Joomla system, however you can't find a quality professional template to use? Well, thank your lucky stars because JoomlArt have just released their second template for March 2008 - JA Edenite.

Just like with our other recent templates, JA Edenite comes built in with 4 quality menu systems: Split Menu, CSS Menu, Moo Menu and the Dropline Menu. Together with this, JoomlArt have designed the template with businesses in mind, who don't need flashy plugins but do need a fast loading clean styled website.