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JA Megafilter

Advanced Filter Joomla extension

Access the download page of JA Megafilter. The download page includes:

  • JA Megafilter Component
  • JA Filter Plugin - Hikashop
  • JA Filter Plugin - Virtuemart
  • JA Filter Plugin - K2
  • JA Filter Plugin - JoomShopping
  • JA Filter Plugin - Eshop

Please note that, you only need to install the component and the plugins for corresponding 3rd party extensions in your site. For example, you want to build filter for K2 component on your site, you just need to install: JA Megafilter Component and JA Filter Plugin - K2.

To install, simply access your site admin panel, go to: Extensions » Manage, browse the installation package of each extension then install.

Once the installation is done, we need to make sure the installed JA Megafilter plugins for 3rd party extensions are enabled, go to: Extensions » Plugins, find JA Megafilter plugins then enable all.

This section will help you create filter pages in your Joomla site.

1. Create filter

This is pretty easy process, from your site Joomla back-end, go to: Components » JA Megafilter then create new Filter.

In the new filter page creation page, add filter title, select 3rd extension. For example, I want to create filter for Virtuemart, so I will select Virtuemart in the "Component" field.

After component is selected, the fields from the component will be loaded, they are grouped based on the field group structure of the component. You can:

  • Enable or disable any filter field
  • Select field type for each filter field
  • Enable or disable sorting for each field

2. Create JA Mega Filter » Default Layout menu

Create new menu item, and select the menu type JA Mega Filter » Default Layout, select the created filter in step 1 then configure the rows and columns per page.

In front-end, the Filter page structure includes: Filter fields sidebar to filter and the Search result pannel.

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