JA Accordion

Display selected articles, module in accordion with cool effect

JA Accordion module displayes specific modules or articles in accordion with cool effects.

JA accordion module workflow

Download JA Accordion module

Check out THIS LINK to download JA Accordion module.

Install JA Accordion module

Go to your Joomla back-end system, go to: Extensions >> Extension manager. In the panel, browse JA Accordion module installation package then hit Upload and Install.

Install JA Accordion module

To display the module in front-page, you have to publish the module, assign to a position that is active in your template.

Enable module

Next, assign the module to menu items that you want to display the module in

Enable module

JA Accordion supports 2 content types: article and module.

Content type setting

1. Article content type

You can select articles to display in the module by its category or article id.

#1: Article IDs

Set Type to Article id then add article ids to the field, saperated with a comma.

Article IDs setting

#2: Categories

Set Type to Categories then select one or more categories that the articles from those categories will be loaded to display in accordion.

Category setting

Parameter explaination

  • View: show article intro text or full text
  • Ordering: set order for articles displayed in the module
  • Direction: set direction ordering


Articles displayed in accordion

2. Module content type

You can select modules by position or directly select modules.

#1: Select modules by position

Set Type to module then select position you want to load modules from.

Select module by position

#2: Directly select modules

Set Type to modules then select modules you want to display in accordion. The order you select is also the order of the modules in accordion.

Directly select module

Parameter explaination

  • Direction: set direction ordering

The order of modules displayed in accordion is based on its ordering in module manager.


Modules displayed in accordion

The advance settings allow you to configure width size of the module, number of items to be displayed, target to open items and effects.

Advance settings

You can customize the module style by adding Module class suffix or the module .css file.

Add module class suffix

You can add class with style you want for the module in any .css file in your template css folder then add the class to the field Module Class Suffix in the Advanced tab of JA Acorrdion module.

Advance settings

Using module css file

In your site folder, open file style.css in folder: modules/mod_jaaccordion/assets/css then customize style of the module as you expect.

Customize module style