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  • puntje Friend

    And Maybe something like

    Where people can sell stuff. That would-be Nice. Or a dating site also

    Just simple day tot day things

    Yap Friend

    I would like to have something like the Uber template, It’s more flexible in customization.
    Could you please add in more animation options?

    pa1hr Friend

    I just want only 1 (one) template: JA Teline II (two) for Joomla 3 (three).

    IMHO Thé most beautiful template Joomlart even made!!


    Regards, Hans.

    gringo211985 Friend

    Attraction parks + Shop sounds good to me, I presume with nice highlighted content and slideshow with shop to sell products also, works for 2 uses then!

    All it really needs is a nice layout for articles and USE Mijoshop (it’s way, way, way better than VM)

    2 components = Mijoshop + JA slideshow

    Don’t forget to style all the account pages, affiliate pages, login pages etc of Mijoshop 🙂

    biblioteka Friend

    It would be great, if your future templates were WCAG 2.0 compliant. At least those templates designed for institutions and presenting ‘news’.

    jedi4444 Friend

    Interestingly a b&b or hotel with simple booking, style onepage.
    really appreciable.

    erafirst Friend

    I would like to have a Real Estate Template that is compatible with iProperty and other popular real estate extensions.

    sukinoz Friend

    I would like to see "great pages" tributes (or copies)

    for example:

    • template like
    • template like The New York Times
    • ….
    kert Friend

    You need a template announcements.

    magnytu2 Friend

    Hello, I would love to design as a template JaMono pro business with Hikashop and JSN Uniform and Ja Content Type for managing a blog.

    SiteWeavers Friend

    More Business/Corporate related templates would be good, there’s only a few newish ones available at the moment.

    isabelgica Friend

    (and not the typical ‘responsive’ look, with images & slogans "in your face"… most of the templates these days –not pointing at anyone, just an impression– seem to come out of the same formula.. BIG blocks, images, more images, fancy stuff… and hey look: there’s some content down there….)…

    a little bit back to old-school: content on top, enhanced by design & not the other way round.. would be great!

    thx in advance for this initiative!


    sjam2013 Friend

    Maybe a template for "Collectors" for example collectors of badges, medals, postcards, photos, coins etc.

    ranaverde Friend


    Yes Phill

    I would like to see a template for artists, photographers, videographers etc to be able to showcase their work. Some careful thought to creating a structured gallery of their images etc but it must be simple for those users to add content. This is why so many photographers and artists are using the likes of flickr to showcase their work but many would prefer their own websites that do a similar job with all the added functionality that would provide.

    Bestr regards

    ebusca Friend

    Hi, I’ve never used a template for the same subject for which it was made, so I think the best are flexible templates.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 171 total)

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