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  • amorino JATC

    A nice template for web developer agency modern and with original features
    thank you

    pa1hr JATC

    The best template ever made by Joomlart: JA Teline II for Joomla 3.8! THANKS!!

    Andrew Winkler Developer

    A booking site template to book sports facilities such as tennis courts or make appointsments with a hair dresser, manicure/pedicure, beauticians, masseur, acupuncture or similar would be great.


    Update Ja Teline V, or another data compatible News template to step up mobility and advertising compatibility. Local or Regional news sites is going to take over Newspapers and blogs.

    bionet JATCJAEC

    I agree , please update Ja Teline V for mobility and advertising compatibility. Please check SEO, microdata, AMP possibility of Template. May be it possible to make template more speed dowloading at current time technologies .Template not have module for presenting 1 article with sorting by date in right position (example: photo of the day, exclusive interview, new book …), ACM not work good for 1 article from category. We need advertising positions for different banner formats (like real world news websites), i see it partically maked already in Ja Focus, but not have banner under article, and background banner. Also Teline V not have after article good "related articles" presentation, more articles for reading (tag correlations), but i can see it in Ja magz-ii. And eternal problems with images. Almost all pic stores photos 800x533px. For Teline need 800x500px. It means need cut edit everytime. In article view i see only half of picture. in subcategory view i see only 1/3 of picture! My opinion it is better to make one good template than many simple templates like Harthor. Teline V is great work of Joomlart, but needs update for perfect! Its my opinion. I could be wrong. Thanks.

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Viewing 5 posts - 166 through 170 (of 170 total)

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