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  • kryzen Friend

    I want to see eCommerce template with Miwishop and JA Slideshows.

    gringo211985 Friend

    Hi Arvind,

    The community voted for more Uber + ACM styles, blocks etc. Since January we have had 0 Uber template updates, the ACM menu problem is taking over a month to do and you released 4 of the worst templates you have ever done.

    Why you can’t listen to your customers is beyond me and a little insulting. We told you what we want and you ignored us, we asked for simple fixes and you ignore the requests. It’s getting beyond a joke with Joomlart now, every single template you release is in beta format and needs bug fixing from the get go, as paying customers we shouldn’t be having to bug fix for you. All your templates are broken in some way or another and it’s really a very poor user experience for us users.

    Uber was your chance to rectify the good old days of you guys being the best option out there, but standards have dropped significantly over the last 2 years and unless something is done soon I will absolutely not be renewing my template subscription. I mean what’s the point when you are paying for the same old s***.

    Let’s look at what you have released since Jan 16. JA Magz 2 (refresh of magz) JA Mono (not practical at all) JA Platon (uninspiring and easy to replicate in Uber) JA Playstore (vm sucks stop designing for that pos use Mijoshop or something) JA Elyicon (a refresh of decor) JA Moviemax (average) JA Healthcare (refresh of medicare) JA Resume (pointless boring most basic template ever created)

    So we had 3 templates that are refreshes and are literally 10% different than their predecessors, that is insulting to all paying customers because the effort you guys are putting in is clearly the absolute minimum!

    I’ve posted in forum enough times and had enough support and poll results to back me and yet you ignore our requests and insult us with these shocking 2016 worst JA templates in years.

    If things don’t change within the next 2 months for the better then JA can forget my renewal because there is no point in paying for things that either take 10 minutes to replicate or are not practical.

    The other mega annoying thing about JA is this LOL the Uber ACM doesn’t have all the styles and blocks available. Instead JA thought it would be a good idea to add unique ACM blocks for each template individually meaning we can only use "video" block on JA Healthcare. This is an absolute joke and not only does it piss off people wanting to use the ACM but it also must be more difficult for JA to update each templates ACM individually.

    Also Arvind I would appreciate a fix after a month for my menu problem. I mean Ninja said it was "high priority" which is absolutely laughable 1 month later…

    I think every JA member reading this post should reply and comment their feelings so that we can show that is the majority of people that think this and not just me!

    Thanks, Richard

    PS – Joomlart, Arvind, if you need a beta tester for your templates then pm me. I can spot 100’s of bugs throughout JA’s templates.

    mediaoff Friend

    I was thinking on how to write about how upset I am to have not seen anything what has been voted for and then I saw the previous post! Well said gringo211985!

    JA: If you do not bother to listen to your costumers, why even bother making a poll to get everybody exited. Now you have just archived the opposite!!!

    It is mid June (2016) now and there is no UBER template to be seen (received the most votes: 127) and there is nothing even close to a responsive templates with practical display and solutions (120 votes)…

    Very disappointing!

    mediaoff Friend

    No reply from JA?

    Even more disappointing!

    hdavid90 Friend

    Would be good a template for micro financial company. In my zone there is a lot of clients for that market.

Viewing 5 posts - 61 through 65 (of 65 total)

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