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    Howdy friends,

    Thank you for submitting your ideas and concepts for our upcoming templates of JoomlArt club. Your help mean a lot to us, with your suggestions, we can have a more understandings on what you expect in the near future.

    I have read all the answers in the thread and it took quite a lot of time to reflect and round up all your ideas:

    • A template for a sports club (i.e. soccer), a sport team management template.
    • Uber again with simple solutions and different styles/customizations/animations.
    • More responsive templates with practical display and solutions: a little bit back to old school: content on top, enhanced by design & not the other way round.. would be great!
    • Attraction parks + Shop.
    • eCommerce with Mijoshop + JA slideshows.
    • Magazine / news template (JA Teline family) + dedicated mobile solution (Teline V).
    • Template for artists, photographers, videographers: Portfolio / showcase for artists with a structured gallery. simple to use. Flickr inspiration.
    • Intranet template.
    • Travels agencies / tour operators template.

    We look forward to seeing your vote results for the upcoming templates.


    casorosendi Friend

    Magazine/News template
    I would like to see JA Pyrite upgraded too.

    fdesanto Friend

    No way, uber is the best!!! 😉

    fdesanto Friend

    maybe with ACM events like charity

    palos Friend

    Just voted… but telling the truth it would be practically fair if only registered users (or even only users with active subscriptions) could vote, right? 😉

    ludoweb Friend

    uber with k2 integration /event booking integration / and 1 style multicolor

    aldyf Friend

    Magazine/news template with Ads optimized. Optimize image resizer. All this time, the appearance of the image in the mobile phone look teribble. It is cut off.

    Yap Developer

    May i suggest Joomlart team do more template like Uber with more features and highly customizable or put more effort into the Uber?

    The only thing i dislike about Joomlart is that i couldn’t find one template that come with all the features.
    All the template come with certain feature/function only.

    If i would compare Joomlart with those templates market place, i could easily find a template which come with all the modern features and animation with nice design in ONE template.

    So i really hope Joomlart team would release a full-features template once in a while, maybe every 3 month.

    marinolab Friend

    Your templates are beautiful, effective and modern and cover a wide range of needs.
    What I hope most is to follow the members on the forum with more dedication and understanding, especially those who are not native speakers …

    Stephen Rose Friend

    Student Accommodation Template would be great.

    kmgdesign Friend

    Only 66 votes????

    photosbymaximo Friend

    Yes yes yes!!! I could not say this better myself!

    Magazine/news template with Ads optimized. Optimize image resizer. All this time, the appearance of the image in the mobile phone look terrible. It is cut off.

    gringo211985 Friend

    The top 3 votes can easily be combined into 1 template, Uber with simple layout and more block styles, add style for artists, add miwishop support (don’t forget account pages, login, checkout etc)

    So I think we should combine the 3 to get the best out of what we have and keep the members happy!

    PS – what’s with the recaptcha for forum?

    aryentain99 Friend

    Uber rocks! It’s the most versatile template, but it lacks some blocks like a contact form, for example.

    compcard Friend

    new templates should assimilate mobile apps. with lock navs.

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