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  • jaydot Friend

    I second the vote for further development of JA Simpli.
    I use this template all the time and I think it is really fabulous, with a bit of css knowledge you can make a website look however you want.
    But it does have some issues that need ironing out… 🙂

    kristinad Friend

    It would be nice to have the Purity template continue to be developed… even if a paid version. It is a blank slate, which is nice, to develop into whatever theme you need (small biz, corporate, education, shop etc.). It would be nice to have easier options to add modules above the nav header or additional menu styling options and the full ACM Module work with it. It’s nice you use the blank pallet and be able to add all of the bells and whistles as needed without getting into customizing the hard files.

    suiteevents Friend

    I would like to see a front-end admin template for business sites with many frontend users to centralize how users manage their account activities. Perhaps modify JA Admin to have a front-end version. Frontend users could access this template by clicking on their "My Account" or "My Admin" link.

    matrix1688 Friend

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    prathumwan Friend

    Recruitment theme with extra fields and microdata usage.

    smartmax Friend

    What also would be nice, some kind of ‘on-line chat function’ what you see nowadays.
    Customer Service kind of thing – "Hello, can I help you with…"

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    djalloh1005 Friend

    i want a template for music download. just music downloads and a bit of news

    gemac Friend

    Some clean layout modern template, like current best WordPress themes …. check Envato ….

    Your templates are more like software monster than clean / simple / ergonomic. Everything looks so twisted and cumber stone in your templates.

    And last release JA Edenite II … com’n cherry on the top … it’s like 80’s release 20+ years later.

    petdiet Friend

    I would like to see templates with an integrated ecommerce component. But not Hikashop. Maybe Quick2Cart as it is very powerful (multi storefronts) and inexpensive.

    Most websites need to sell something, even if it is only to recover operating costs.

    torres86 Friend

    For small business, I would love to see a template for a funeral home. I have built one in Joomla but rely on a hodge-podge of extensions to do what we need for our business. Primarily, we need an extension to manage obituaries and another for family of the deceased to submit info to write obituaries.

    In addition, for schools/universities, a template for collegiate fraternities and sororities. Again, a very niche market within the university genre, but much needed.

    haxx Friend

    Personally I think the templates are becoming to specific.

    For instance, we need to advertise what we do to pull in new students, we need to tell news stories, we have videos and photo galleries we want to share, we have an online shop and a members only section.

    At the moment some templates cope with some of it but not all of it, why not concentrate on the design and look and let the developers take the template in the direction they want?

    cakish Friend

    I hope you will continue to support JA University template in Joomla 4 when it comes out.
    I think this is one of the best Education template on market and by far TOP template in your library with near 30 000 downloads is MOST POPULAR.
    Your other TWO Edu templates (JA Platon and JA Alumni) together have 2000 which is 15 TIMES less.

    cakish Friend

    I’m happy…..when I see this link Support life cycle

    Thank you !

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    George Friend

    don’t stop the development of the Purity III….

    adamapg Friend

    How about you just add a couple of good blog layouts on JA Builder and A nice lay out for easysocial and Jomsocial like you did with JA Mood.

    I would love to use JA Builder with Esaysocial with the look of the social layout of JA mood and then be able to actually use the blog layout on JA Builder that would be Awesome.

    JA Builders blog layout is Shocking. Would love it to look like Magz 2 blog layout.

    A good blog layout for JA Builder is overdue.

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 102 total)

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