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    Poll : Templates that you want us to develop

    • Small Biz (dentist/ hairdresser / other service providers) Template (40%, 147 Votes)
    • Corporate / Company Template (34%, 125 Votes)
    • E-commerce Template (do mention preferred extension in replies) (28%, 102 Votes)
    • News Template (28%, 101 Votes)
    • School / University (19%, 69 Votes)
    • Social / Networking Template (17%, 63 Votes)
    • Personal / Blog Template (14%, 52 Votes)

    Total Voters: 363

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    Multiple choice is allowed. Do mention the features you would like to see in your voted template in the replies below.. That will be of immense help when we start working on the template.

    Aratype Developer

    I believe it will be worthy to focus on T3 improvement and joomla’s next step preparation… 3.8 will have a long awaited feature "Router"…

    If you ask me what could be something new in the world of template I will say job-board site… This could open a huge possibility for developers to do a specific recruitment websites…

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    aprox JATC

    What I would love to see happen is that the Wall template gets an upgrade and after that regular updates to keep the development going and have it always optimized for the latest Joomla version….

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    jurgeng JATC

    if you go e-commerce, please have a focus on HikaShop.

    blueberry38 Friend

    Improve ja simpli : parallax scrolling for exemple …. and joomla up to date ready !!!

    kernel64 Developer

    A HIKASHOP e-commerce template is very much needed ….

    romolo Developer

    A new flexible template for Small Businesses would be very useful and something which we haven’t seen for a while from JoomlArt (Uber is the last one which comes to mind).

    We would also like to see updates to JA Builder, with new features, such as:

    1. Ability to create our own Library of pages, which only the developers can access. Developers can then use their own preset pages across multiple sites.

    2. Streamlined integration between core Joomla and JA Builder. i.e. Creating Blog / Contact Pages, etc.

    3. New blocks and additional functionality for current blocks.


    slepoy Friend

    Social template would be good. Ja Mood for me – it’s a music template.

    dfirsching JATC

    How about a community association / civic association / neighborhood template?

    propolis JATC

    What about a really good multi-site sports template?

    sparkktv JATC

    Media Entertainment website. (Hulu, Netflix like….)

    markroy Friend

    I would like to see a template suitable for elementary/middle and/or high school. There are no templates currently suitable.

    ydrohoos1980 Friend

    I thing a very good project will be a directory template, e.g job board or classifieds using the power of new joomla 3.7 feature custom fields !!

    gother Friend

    Jevents integration

    arundf Developer

    E-Commerce Template – Mijoshop based
    News Template – For Video Content

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 101 total)

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