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  • Rx Greenthumb, Inc. Developer

    Documentation Boys and Girls… I DO NOT NEED anymore templates, I need the ones you have to install and work CLEANLY with Joomla components when they are installed and I need decent documentation to support your system.

    STEP BY STEP Instructions… with ALL settings shown and not some outdated screenshot that only shows a couple of tabs.

    Your templates are being used with major third party joomla development projects/components… now figure out how to install your templates with these components in mind. You need to keep up with certain 3rd party developers ie. virtuemart, kunena, K2 etc.

    Your ACM is always an issue and you have zip point nothing for documentation … your manuals look pretty with the fancy dancy doc slider on the side… now instead of making your site look pretty… how about you spend some time on substance for a change?

    There basically isn’t one Template that can be installed without hacking around and dealing with issues that should be taken care of with installation.

    Currently there is NO way to get JA Directory working without installing it via quickstart… it does NOT install over any other install cleanly and I am so tired of trying to find the answers within your documentation.

    I absolutely dread coming to this worthless forum and trying to find an answer because they are always lazy answers from the staff and mis-informed answers from users and developers who are also wasting their time looking for answers.

    If you are a staff member of Joomlart and moderating this forum, stop being lazy and give full DETAILED answers.

    You have a chat system now do the right thing and put up an FAQ help ticket program and stop being lazy with this worthless forum.

    BTW I have figured out what’s wrong with the JA Directory and the installation step-by-step procedure is pretty much worthless. There is a template issue with the css and also a php issue which is preventing it from working with K2 2.8.0.

    K2 2.8.0 is rock solid on everything else but your templates… that should tell you something shouldn’t it? Also the K2- JA K2 Extra Field plugin needs a tweek for 2.8.0 to play well with it… also the K2 Filter needs to be re-installed after initial component installation… and that’s just a few of the non-documented things you have to do to get this template to play with all others…

    https://www.rxgreenthumb.com/48 (Development site… trying to figure out how to get all the templates to play nice with each other… still having an issue with Playstore… header top panel just doesn’t want to play with the other templates. But I’ll figure it out…

    Any reason you haven’t put up a development server with everything installed and set properly for others to go in and see the actual settings in the backend? If you did, I wouldn’t need to waste my time looking for a needle in a haystack on this worthless forum you call support.

    Please get your act together in regards to documentation… Personally I would have fired the person in charge of it by now and brought in some real tech writers.

    It has gotten to the point were I do NOT even attempt to put your templates in for my clients and I strongly urge them to seek other systems due to this issue.

    If you spent your time on function instead of fancy your sales would go threw the roof. Or you can spend your time making your worthless documentation look pretty, while I spend my time looking for another third party vendor for my joomla template needs.

    Michael McCarthy

    bbmedia Friend

    The Joomla environment needs to progress. Joomla has a range of advantages over WP, but what it sorely lacks is a widely supported drag & drop but powerful page builder (not framework) supported by a strong open community. Otherwise Joomla’s marketshare will remain static at best, and it will drop behind WP and the many proprietary services which are dead-easy to setup for both consumers and devs.

    If you look at WP we’re starting to see a move away from specific templates with a specific range of features/functionality toward page builders, with a range of supporting graphical layouts that people can choose from to begin their site. WP’s move to Gutenberg, and the rise of Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, Themify, Site Origin, King Composer and other lightweight page builders. These are spawning communities which are built around them. The supporting theme(s) then provide a starting point for easy & quick ramp up to a working website with specific plugin functionality included, but allow unlimited flexibility and access to the wide range of free & and premium supporting extensions/addins.

    This is what GavickPro and other Joomla theme makers were heading towards with their base frameworks. The first company to do this well in the Joomla space can capture most of the market. The page builder needs to be be a freemium product: have free entry (and IMO be provided with a GPL license such that it can be further modified and developed for custom situations), to make it universally accepted and community supported, and yet purchase of a yearly license provided support and extras, such that it is a no brainer for both Joomla web devs right through to DIY consumers to choose.

    So "which theme to develop" isn’t the right Q in my opinion. Even on Envato (Themeforest) the top themes are page builders. Why do you think GavickPro failed, and other theme makers are having such a hard time now? The next decade won’t be ruled by theme makers, it will be ruled by those who sit behind a popular page builder, and particularly those that have moved away toward a simple modular framework supported by a JavaScript base (this is also where WP is heading: reactive JS as the interactive layer).

    thejoomla Friend


    can you please develop a template for Vik Rent Items, i will buy it immediately


    zhzubair4 Friend

    1 thing a very good project will be a directory template, e.g job board or classifieds using the power of new joomla 3.7 feature custom fields…….

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