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  • severdia Friend

    Please focus on the T3 template framework and making it much better and easier to implement.

    jcoulter105 Friend

    A choice missing would be templates for charity/non-profit.

    petdiet Friend

    I would like to see an online courses template using Guru. Also, you should have an integrated cart so you can sell other items besides digital courses.

    Elinam21 Friend

    Why would you want a Mijoshop template. Those guys at Miwisoft are thieves giving Joomla a bad name. They develop extensions and offer no support and when you try to get them to support you they rather block your subscription without a refund. See both links below. Miwisoft is a fraud and everyone should stay away from them. I personally bought their Mijoshop and posted a support request which was never answered for over month. When i tried reaching out on twitter, my subscription was blocked.

    hjames Friend

    eShop for Ecommerce

    aikigi Friend

    I think multipurpose templates are missing in General which always limit the possibilities. I often need to combine different extensions such as:

    All rounded Social template (easysocial) with marketplace (multivendor Ecommerce such as Quick2cart and Hikamarket), Hwdmediashare for media platform, Easyblog, Jticketing for paid event integration with Easysocial and a good membership extension to go with it.

    What is often missing is clean pages for front-end content creation, but when managing social site and /or having users creating articles, adding product to shop etc, the pages are often not very attractive.

    Creation such multi-purpose templates take more time, but each template design can be use by many different people for different projects. If we don’t want to spend a lot of time changing the design, we have to use a template which support the extension we need but are limited to only a few designs.

    aikigi Friend

    Another thing would be to create integrations for the most popular extension with JA Builder. For example, having blocks to display product from Ecommerce extensions, etc.

    Using module is great but the template then need to be style for it. If they were some basic blocks that we can style right from JA builder would speed up greatly pages layout and design.

    activesenior Friend

    Non-profit associations

    TomC Moderator

    ECOMMERCE TEMPLATE with the following features:

    • Multiple Ecommerce Component support (VirtueMart, MijoShop, J2Store, HikaShop)
    • Multi Home Page Layout Options
    • Dynamic MegaMenu – both horizontal and vertical (with images – ala Amazon, WalMart) with unlimited categories/columns/child categories.
    • Support for JA Megafilter (Category/Product Pages)
    • Support for iJoomla Ad Agency
    • Feature Rich Blog
    • Support for JReviews (or another dynamic product review component)
    • Social Media Components/Modules
    • Multi-Store option/layout/links
    • Responsive
    • Multi-Color Designs
    • Header Menu and Search Bar in Header (ala Amazon, WalMart, Target)
    • Feature/Link Rich footer (ala Teline IV, V)
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    • This reply was modified 3 years, 8 months ago by  TomC.
    joeblack31 Friend

    Hi there

    For e-commerce we chose de HikaShop component. For us is the best one. Very simple a lot of features, we can use in everything

    One theme that was not in the pool, was de events, like childrens party’s, birthay’s party’s, adventure, and others.

    Best regards


    vtpages Friend

    You already have templates in all of these categories. I would request a NEW template for use on government websites: cities/towns/counties, government agencies, police departments, etc.

    thesilentman Friend

    Please focus on HikaShop for new e-commerce templates

    django29 Friend

    For me, the best e-commerce solution for Joomla is Mijoshop, or Joocart : All Joomla + All Opencart and most of his extensions.
    So, I’m often searching for Mijoshop templates, as in any template, the Mijoshop modules use the Joomla CSS but not the product details and cart pages.

    vecdom Friend

    Corporate / clean

    That includes Lead gen elements

    Form positioning options presets

    W/styling for form extensions like RSForm

    epafos Friend

    E-Commerce Templates – with Hikashop Support

    and School templates

    Those two above are the 2 categories that are behind a LOT

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