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  • Hrvoje JATC

    Recently I started to use Page builder (Live edit) more extensively
    I’ve noticed that for every action I need to wait some loading time. I guess that’s because it pulls editor data from your website.


    1. Is there any way to speed up page builder loading? I don’t want to wait few seconds for every action.

    2. I have 27” screen. I’m used to edit on the left side and preview on the right side. I noticed that in order to preview my edits in pagebuilder I need to click green publish button. It shows my page. But when I want to continue editing, I need to click (unnecessary action) edit Icon again, and wait few seconds again for loading icon to finish. On More complex pages I need a lot of previous before things are perfect. So waiting time easily accumulates and this leads to not being efficient and frustration.

    Is there any other way to edit pagebuilder pages so that I have something like Apply button instead of Publish?

    I purchased subscription to gain access to tools to save my time when editing/creating new websites.
    Atm I’m still loosing time more than desired because for every action I need to wait for something.
    IMHO UI should be built to maximise worflow and to reduce extra clicks as much as possible.


    Saguaros Moderator


    You’re right, when you add blocks in JA Builder, it will pull data from our server to your site which will be stored on your site’s database.

    For the Publish button, though that when you change anything, it will automatically apply and you can see the change immediately in edit view page also. Once done, you can Publish the page.


    gringo211985 JATCSingle

    Hi @saguaros

    And here’s the billion dollar problem, pulling stuff from JA servers is slow and causing major issues that are ruining my clients sites.

    100% now that the plugin needs to be local on our site and then we pay for updates.


    Hrvoje JATC

    I just asked them for refund for remain of my dev status.
    I paid hefty sum for developer license in order to be able to work as developer,
    not for rights to fiddle my thumbs while watching loading icon.
    I cannot afford to wait ages for something to load and I cannot wait months for them to fix server.
    Two months was more than enough.

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    gringo211985 JATCSingle

    Do not blame you at all, $499 or whatever for something that deletes clients content and takes forever to load is just plain insanity. The builder is clearly in beta testing stage and needs to be fixed.

    The solution is simple but JA are not wanting to implement it, if we the members can get them to do this then we will have the plugin working without any failure and speed will be lightning quick.

    So, all they have to do is this: Stop calling JA servers!

    The only time we should need to connect to their servers are to download the blocks files, ie php, css to store on our sites locally to use, like Gribox2.0 use. This way the only speed limit is our own server and the publish button will work 100% of the time and pressing back button or whatever wont delete content.

    Saguaros Moderator

    Hi Hrvoje,

    You can share the credentials of your site so I will check for you. There are so many customers using Builder and not face this kind of issue.

    In spite of Builder part being hosted, the requests to server are made only if edit or new page creation is activated. Otherwise, all created pages are stored within the users’ Joomla site.


    gringo211985 JATCSingle

    Hi @saguaros

    "You can share the credentials of your site so I will check for you. There are so many customers using Builder and not face this kind of issue"

    This is a blatant lie!!! Everyone using JA Builder faces the same issue and I have sent you a video to prove it on Skype!!!

    I have told you numerous times how to fix the problem so I would appreciate it if you would fix it and stop making calls to JA servers when we are editing anything with the builder!!!

    You have already lost one dev account due to this issue and I am telling you that this builder plugin will be a fail without the server calling being removed because your servers are slow and laggy as hell, thus making the delay be from your end. Having the editing local will speed up the builder by 1000% minimum!!!

    Wish you would just listen already.


    bebezechar JATC

    Yes, Page Builder is too slow. I left it to publish on its own — I came back 3 hours later BUT STILL Nothing!!! Waste of time and effort 🙁

    bositman Single

    You can share the credentials of your site so I will check for you. There are so many customers using Builder and not face this kind of issue.

    You are right. No one else faces this issue, it’s the first time this comes up.

    I could go all night but you get the point. To be fair the threads above related to both the loading times of publish and mainly the publish button not working AT ALL or changes never getting saved. All due to calling your servers and storing info there instead of locally.

    The staff here will tell you JA Builder doesn’t have any issues and the replies will be: 1) Clear your browser cache (if your program corrupts cache and stops working after random time, it is NOT the browser’s problem it’s yours) 2) Give me your credentials so I can take a look. They log in, change something that no one ever shares and fix the issue per account. This also implies the issue is not local but on their server. 3) Tell you it works OK for them with a video, so it’s magically not a problem for you anymore (lol?)

    Sorry for derailing this thread but I am fed up with the hideous support and bug infested builder. If I could I would request a full refund too but alas I am too far in development of some projects and I have to keep using this thing until they’re done.

    To the staff: PLEASE stop ignoring the issues people report (especially if the SAME issue gets reported dozens of times) like it’s a different issue with each user and fix your program.

    A new version got released and you’ve stopped posting any kind of changelog…. We are anyway too afraid to update since our websites have been broken so many times with each of your updates…

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    • This reply was modified 1 week, 1 day ago by  bositman.
    kimbare JATC

    JA Builder is ridiculously slow. There are many, many complaints about it on this site. To say others are not having this problem would be funny if it wasn’t affecting all of us so much. It takes hours longer to do things in this product compared to what it should take. And they lie about a lot of things, I have found out.

    kimbare JATC

    We all need to start complaining abut this product and the lack of JoomlArt’s willingness to fix it on the JED.

    Saguaros Moderator

    @bositman: we don’t ignore any issue, if there is issue with our product, we’d love to fix it and so appreciate your report. Pls share the credentials of site you’re having this issue, I will take a look.

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