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    These are really great tips. It might take some time to see tangible results, but they will surely come if you are persistent and patient enough. This works for most of the affiliate programs as well. 😎

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    <em>@rfcstewart2k4 167122 wrote:</em><blockquote>i have joined a lot of article sites, majority dont let you put links in the article body. Quite a lot of these article sites dont publish or decline articles they just place them “waiting for review” complete waste of time!</blockquote>

    Goarticles works very well with these tips. Other sites might be less good.

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    There are plenty of myths about SEO also. Be sure to know the difference between what is known as black hat and white hat SEO methods. SEO is a game of patience. London term strategy is the only way to achieve your goals.

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    You put in the keywords and it finds the posts in your site that are related, so you can quickly and easily do internal linking. I wonder if there is a similar Joomla extension to do this.

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    Excellent stuff. I hope to have like this. I can expedite and increase my work and easy to manipulate.

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    <em>@leeshawn 167152 wrote:</em><blockquote>You put in the keywords and it finds the posts in your site that are related, so you can quickly and easily do internal linking. I wonder if there is a similar Joomla extension to do this.</blockquote>

    Yes, there is, I use it on my blog, started this week, but seems woking perfectly.

    Joomla Tags is a very nice tag system for joomla, and integrates with xmap.

    And Plugin Extranews makes links between tags, at the end of the article, very nice! It shows unrelated recent and older posts too.

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    I’m not sure why you want to post an image in an article. The general practise for article submission is: add the article to your own blog / website first, then some people rewrite the article slightly and post it to one of the article directories.
    When you add it your own blog, you can add images, but the general reason for submitting articles is to build traffic to your website.

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    An Article with your keywords will place high with search engines for a short time. Search engines like fresh content like articles. If your able to leave a back link on your article posting you will receive more traffic along with an excellent link to your site.

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    From all my research, backlinks are the biggest factor in your ranking in the google search results. Unfortunately google doesn’t ever tell you truely how many backlinks you actually have, (but Yahoo will spill the beans pretty easily). Usually you use the “link:” search to find out how many sites link to yours.

    The real beauty of this is you can poke the sites at the top of the search results you want to see just how much work you need to do to get up there. If you figure out how many backlinks a site ranked #1 on google for a particular search result has, it gives you a good benchmark for how many you will need to get ranked properly.

    Site content is obviously important, but stuff like metatags are pretty well worthless these days and backlinks are king. Course, the article and weblink directory sites all take a long time. I would love to have a proper listing, but their waiting time is months long. 🙁

    Usually you’ll use html code
    <a href=””>your anchor text keyword</a>

    some blog software and bulletin boards us BBcode as well.

    [ url=]your anchor text keyword[/url] (remove the space at the beginning, turns out this forum uses BBcode)

    It’s been an interesting battle working on my site with google. I also have a theory that a poorly backlinked website will also have much higher costs with adwords, but it’s just a theory.

    As for choosing your anchor text, the keywords are used as “broad” terms.

    So lets say you’re using the keyword mean sarcastic birthday greeting cards.

    You are able to get credit for these search terms in google.

    mean greeting cards
    mean cards
    greeting cards
    birthday cards
    birthday greeting cards
    sarcastic cards
    sarcastic greeting cards
    etc, etc…

    Now there is likely a limit here. Anchor text 250 words long is likely not going to give you credit for each word, because that would be rediculous. It also helps if your url has something to do with the keywords you want to use.

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    Through articles it help a lot search engine do traffic in your site. This is true! . 😀

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    You asked:

    “Should we always use the same keyword phrase when we are linking? I’ve never been sure about that. Its hard to resist NOT doing it. Does it matter so much if the essential keywords ARE in a phrase, but the phrase is different to the exact phrase you want??”

    If you are just beginning to rank a page, YES, you should use the same keyword phrase. This will give google a chance to figure out exactly what that page is about. So for instance, if you wanted to rank a page for the term “christmas gifts”, you should start out sending links to that page with the anchor text “christmas gifts”.

    I normally send enough links,with the same anchor text, to rank in the top 100 of google. After I get in the top 100 of google, I start varying my links a bit. So with the above example, after getting in the top 100 of google, I’ll vary my links to “cheap christmas gifts” or “unique christmas gifts” or “good christmas gifts”. But I still keep my essential keywords in my links.

    I hope this helps.:)


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    A question: Should SEO links be to articles written by the poster instead of linking directly back to the site? If so, what is the net effect of this in the short as well as long term?


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    It depends. If you want the article to rank high for the given keywords, then the keyword links should point to the article. If you want the article to drive traffic to your main website, then the link should be to your main website, not the article. The long run effect of linking to the site is that it will rank higher in the search engines for your chosen keyword. I hope that helps.

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    This is a good question and it depends on the SEO expert you’re talking to.

    If you want to rank an article that you’ve submitted to an authority article directory, then YES. This typically works for low competitive keywords or long tail keywords.

    But if your going after a fairly competitive market, then my advice would be to rank your website rather than an article.


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    <em>@amanda1212 167049 wrote:</em><blockquote>Sometimes the thought has crossed my mind to write articles about various topics which I am interested in. But I never have because I don’t actually have a blog of my own. Where do you typically post your articles in order to help the right people?</blockquote>
    You could try Squidoo, Hubpages, etc.

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