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    Very intresting
    I think il make a personal blog and try this

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    Comment intelligently on other blogs. Although generally not a comment, follow featuring Use, you can still take other people’s interest and they can link my site.

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    Great! You make some really wonderful points like how keyword relevance is very important to search engine crawlers. Article syndication is also a really good way to build links.

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    A solution that automatically relevant pages in your website to link to your major keywords, create a server (PHP or ASP) for each script like that all the major pages of your website with relevant keywords create a list. First article is published, the script will automatically read your articles for a keyword and a link to your page. Adding such a system
    Improve your overall site rank (since most of its pages are linked together) can generate better traffic and more sales.

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    Google Keyword Tool is a great resource for finding out what you think of the correct keyword or keyword phrase is and what it really is. Use this tool to be used. It’s also free.

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    It is good to make the perfect way.But is why you want to lose the links back to others. You can use the backlink others like it any keyword. This way you can have both keywords of the anchor.

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    In my opinion, when you create keyword links in the article should create keyword links to various categories. This will truly bring nature to your links for search engines.

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    <em>@renzel32 166442 wrote:</em><blockquote>Just by linking keywords in your articles or blog to similar targeted pages in your website. Let’s say you are writing about “used cars” and there is another page in your site that lists used cars for sale. Select a few keywords in your article or blog and link them to the targeted page (for example the used car listings page). Use complete links (starting from the http)… so if someone copies your article, the link will still work. That’s it, now watch the benefits of this.


    – People who are reading your article are definitely interested in the subject. They are more likely to click on the link and purchase your services or products.

    – Since the keyword is relevant to the targeted page, search engines will relate your page to the keyword which will send better qualified web traffic.

    – You’ll even get more links when you submit your article or publication to article submission sites. This will yield in higher page rank overtime.

    – Most people who copy your article for their site (or use RSS feed to get the article), will include your links and same as above.</blockquote>

    I absolutely agree with you but when I started using jumla admin panel I found out that it’s not rally seo friendly an for me that was quite complicated to find the required function. Jumla interface is not the most simple!

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    Thanks a lot for these tips, I hope they will help me with the SEO of my website. Thanks again folks and I appreciate this community.

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    You can fresh and unique keyword in your website.
    You can set the link in keyword.
    It is most useful technique in SEO.

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    Hii everyone

    Although its too late to reply but just thought of sharing my opinion about keyword linking. For years, the internet has been a money-making machine for thousands of people. Search engines, like Google, Yahoo, bing, and more, help people to promote their businesses, websites, products, and services. In order to properly advertise your products and service, you need to be ranked highly in the search engines.

    The reason for this: The higher you’re ranked, the more people see your advertisements. Keywords help to earn a higher ranking in search engines, and to do this, SEO Marketing is employed. Keyword linking for SEO Marketing involves placing keywords for your links, instead of the usual "click here" link. When the search engine spiders crawl your Webpages, the keywords help them to see your website/articles.

    The spiders love keywords, especially the keywords that are in the title of your article or webpage. This greatly helps improve your page rank among the search engines. Using keywords for links also helps the reader identify exactly what type of info they will see once they click your link, which helps build trust, and has them come back to your site more often.

    The most important part of keyword linking is also the most important part of improving your page rank. This entails making links to other articles or webpage’s that link back to your site. It’s pretty simple, the more times your page is linked through other webpage’s, the more the spiders see your webpage. And, in turn, the higher your page will be ranked.

    Be careful not to just start blogs and place your links through the blogs. This has no effect on your page rank because your blog will have no page rank itself. You will need to get your site linked by pages that already have high page ranks. Getting higher ranked sites to link to yours isn’t always easy. But if you have a good page or promise link back to their site, it can be done.

    To find a site in your category with a high page rank is as simple as going to Google or another search engine and simply searching for whatever your website is about. The top sites on the first few pages are the ones with the highest page rank. Lastly, if you have ever seen a webpage with keyword linking, then you’ve probably seen that some of them have keyword links about every other word. These are normally ads to other websites.

    How well this works for conversion has to do with what’s on the other end. But we all know about the old adage: Location, location, location. The more people to visit the links, the better the chances are for conversion. And the more links you have, the more chance of someone clicking. In the world of SEO, it’s a numbers game.

    Hope everyone finds the above information useful.

    Warm Regards

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