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    Phill Moderator

    The JA team are working hard to update all the templates to be J3.7 compatible. We recommend that users do not update until the templates, a are J3.7 ready. J3.7 is a major update to Joomla which has meant not just template makers, but all extension developers, have needed to make some code adjustment. With a big library to go through this is taking a lot of work. Announcements will be made as each template receives updates. It may be worth you updating your T3 plugin as in many cases this will rectify problems, but not all.

    Having written all that, if you are using any third party extensions, you will also need to check with whoever makes those as in a lot of cases they may also cause problems.

    Phill Moderator

    Hi again,

    I’m really getting in trouble with my client here and need assistance urgently (there is an important issue/article at the moment, and we are losing feedback because the articles on the homepage open at the bottom of the page instead of opening the category/article.


    What would be the cost to check/fix this asap???… I need this solved if possible today – please advise possible cost and possibility.

    thanks in advance for your understanding and assistance!

    brgds, Isabel

    PS: I tried to install the new T3 Framework for 3.7.0 (as the mailing states: "We have updated our T3 framework for Joomla 3.7.0 version. This release fixes all reported issues.") – it also says "Recommended : Use JA Extensions Manager Component for upgrade."

    however: JAEM says "Sorry, no version uploaded in Repository"
    and when I try to upload the plugin, I get an error message: "Warning: File …/ not uploaded for security reasons!"
    (see attached files)

    I am sorry you are experiencing issues. As you are having problems using JAEM to update you can also use the normal route to update this plugin. This is available in the downloads section.

    Where the text says "all reported issues" that means with the plugin specifically and not all templates and extensions. It may be the quickest way for you to restore your site would be to roll back to an earlier version of Joomla. J3.7 was a major update and has lead to many developers needing to make changes, so even when JA update all their templates and extensions, you may still find compatibility issues with other third party tools. JA are working hard behind the scenes of updating all JA products but this takes time. As and when the work is completed on each template and component, announcements will be made via the blog.

    isabelgica JATC

    It may be worth you updating your T3 plugin as in many cases this will rectify problems, but not all.

    Hi Phil,

    thanks for the feedback.. I tried to update the T3 plugin (to version 2.6.4) but get an error:

    • first: in JAEM it says "Sorry, no version uploaded in repository"
    • second: (when I tried to upload the plugin): "Warning: File …/ not uploaded for security reasons!"
      (see screenshots attached)

    Please advise!

    thx in advance,
    rgds, Isabel

    1. repository-1
    2. t3-framework-264-1
    Phill Moderator

    In your case you have not got JAEM configured correctly. I can see you are pointing to the local service (on the right) which means the updater is looking locally for the update. You need to point that to the Joomlart repository.

    As per above, you can also simply download the file and use the normal Joomla method for updating the plugin.

    Documentation on configuring the JAEM is available here –

    isabelgica JATC

    Thanks Phil,

    I adjusted the config for JAEM (ok!) and installed the T3 plugin via normal Joomla method. Installation went fine now, however.. it didn’t solve the problem from the homepage articles.

    Phill Moderator

    Thanks Phil,

    I adjusted the config for JAEM (ok!) and installed the T3 plugin via normal Joomla method. Installation went fine now, however.. it didn’t solve the problem from the homepage articles.

    In that case you will unfortunately need to roll back to an earlier version of Joomla. The team are working on updating the templates but I cannot give a timeframe for the work at present. If you have any third party extensions installed you will also need to check to see if those are J3.7 ready.

    halfaris Friend

    I am using JA Nuevo and when I updated to Joomla v3.7 the website gave all sort of errors. Yet, this link does not work
    Is there any update to this template? If not, what should I do if I plan to update to Joomla v3.7?

    charlessteiner Developer

    Can we have an idea on the timeframe for 3.7 compatibility?

    John Friend

    It seems that Joomlart is in a complete tailspin with to much on their plate.

    As a business customer for eight years I have advertisers screaming due to the template problems on the site. To make changes without Joomlart is also deadly as future upgrades may not be compatible with your code changes.

    Remember they are the experts within their own product.

    Remember, Joomlart is in the far east and does not participate or pay tax in North America.

    starrz Friend

    Problem with Joomla 3.7:
    Hi iam new on this forum so as i see, iam not the only one who’s experiencing problems regarding the new joomla. So upto now, my website working perfectly with joomla 3.6.5 + an template from an another provider based on Gantry 5 + JA_social (for only sections dedicated to jomsocial). But since i’ve upgraded to joomla 3.7, i experiencing blank screen… Hope that the previous patch will fix that!

    wild duck JATCSingle

    Is there an estimated ETA for the patched templates?… Thank you

    Phill Moderator

    It seems that Joomlart is in a complete tailspin with to much on their plate.

    Please, that is a little unfair. While JA may not be in the USA does that matter? Does it matter where a company is based? You may not be aware, but over the years JA has paid people from all over the world to build both their company and the Joomla name. This included in the past me from the UK, and contributors from all over the EU, India, North America and more. JA have also invested in Joomla events as well as others, provided work for US charities etc. As such JA has contributed to the tiny part of the world that is the USA. Yes, I am defending them and rightly so IMO. I currently volunteer on these forums to assist so these comments are mine, and not those of JA.

    In my opinion, the problems users are encountering are two fold. One, not taking backups so you can restore should a software update cause a problem. It is unprofessional to not take backups before making software changes. If a site is taken down due to those software changes then restore the backup, or better still test offline then roll out when you know things are working. I know this may sound harsh, but I see it over and over again in my career in IT. Where I currently work things are tested for months before going live, even tiny code changes. We need to be fully accountable so have to be 100% sure we are not going to be the cause for outages.

    Two, the joomla project rolling out an update in this way which was always likely to cause an issue. JA is not the only company working hard to update their products, many are as are many hobby and freelance developers. Laying the blame at the door of Joomla is also remiss, they warned in their announcement that all should check compatability before updating, but I feel they could have made the message more clear, probably with warnings in the Joomla back end.

    While we all want to have the latest and greatest versions of any software we run, it is not always essential. In the case of this Joomla update, it adds new features which is great, but at the expense of compatability. As there is no security update included. most have hopefully waited until they are sure all of their components work.

    As I said above, these are my opinions, not those of Joomlart. I got my fingers burnt many years ago updating software without checking first and learnt my lesson the hard way. As such I have been ultra cautious ever since. That incident took me 4 sleepless nights to fix. As I was the customer the pressure was less so I do feel for you and all those who have paying customers.

    Phill Moderator

    Problem with Joomla 3.7:
    Hi iam new on this forum so as i see,

    Welcome to the fun.

    The team are working hard on updates and are rolling them out as they become ready. Please keep an eye for the email announcemnts and also the blog where all will be detailed.

    Please also keep an eye on the websites of any third party template or component you have installed as they also may need updating.

    wild duck JATCSingle
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