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  • impressme Friend

    After updating ja mono (and t3) all was working ok except the root homepage of the website. So was not working but was working. Same homepage

    Juan Carlos Stauring JATC

    Hurry up Devs! We will need to take a way…

    Yes I decided to update my site despite still having the errors on JA_University due to high security risk published, the errors can be set to none reporting on global config, for some of the templates but at this point it would be great to get a fix on the problem. Looking forward to the team completing this task.

    yfb01 Developer


    is the template JA NUEVO compatible with Joomla 3.7?
    if not, is there any date for the release of a compatible version?


    hugopatricio JAEC

    Salió 3.7.1 con la actualización han desaparecido los problemas con University.

    polc1410 Friend

    JA Elastica
    So far only found a relatively minor issue: (but not fully tested)
    Line 32 and 33 of blocks/head.php should probably be updated to:`
    <?php $options = array(); $attribs = array(); ?>
    <?php JHTML::stylesheet (‘templates/system/css/system.css’, $options, $attribs) ?>
    <?php JHTML::stylesheet (‘templates/system/css/general.css’, $options, $attribs) ?>

    shahdb Friend

    Hi there, dose anybody know if the upgrade to 3.7 will mess up JA Sugite? Is there a updated version of JA Sugite that is stable with 3.7?


    vuongduongquoc JATC


    I’m using JATC DIRECTORY TEMPLATE. When i update to 3.7 the Menu was all broken. Please fix it urgently.

    John Friend

    It is quite evident there needs to be a move to North American companies and accountability. It is obvious that Merav in her critical statements months ago on her blog of Joomla, that reinforces the the obvious problem with developers dragging down the Joomla platform.

    When will a Ja teline V quickstart template and package be 3.7 and PHP 7 ready. Joomlart has totally screwed up in not being ready for this.

    I need a product that is Joomla 3.7, PHP7 ready so the disaster created can be rectified. When will this happen????????


    marina3 Friend

    Problem in backend (look on attachemented image). Narrow columns.

    1. 2017-05-20_162001
    starrz Friend

    I still have a blank screen while i’ve updated latest patch via JAEM. this is my configuration :

    • i use gantry framework for some parts of my website
    • T3 Framework Version: 2.6.4
    • JA_Social II Version: 1.0.7
    • T3 framework and JA_social for my community

    Before upgrading to joomla 3.7 both framework worked well together!!!

    Aratype Developer

    I am interested to know why we should upgrade to 3.7? Most of templates are not ready even k2 does not work any more with 3.7…

    I believe this time template developers have to work hard in order to be 3.7 compatible and upgrading by September/October will be wiser.

    However, Arvind and JA have the responsibility of communicating with users about the progress!

    @arvind and JA, communication & agility do not exist in your world?

    erickpaulino Friend


    I’m using JA Magz (the first one). After upgrading Joomla, the frontend doesn’t load at all. I have just renewed my subscription to download an update, but I didn’t find any.

    Any help?


    dnx Friend

    Is JA Builder 1.0.5 fully compatible with Joomla 3.7.1 yet? I’m currently running Joomla 3.6.4 and don’t want to upgrade unless I know JA Builder 1.0.5 operates properly.


    desmats Developer

    Would it be possible and indeed sensible for the developers to publish somewhere a matrix that clearly shows what templates have been updated, which are being worked on (with due date) and those still to be done.

    We can then check back and see at a glance when it is safe to upgrade our sites to J3.7. It is tedious to scroll through an entire forum thread to try and find actual information direct from Joomlart.

    SiteWeavers Friend

    An upgrade project planner is a good idea. We just need to know when we can update our particular template especially with the security fixes being released.

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